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I am trying to find a simple job for my 16 year old cousin so that he can start working this summer

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Q: Where can a 16 year boy find a job in dallas tx?
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Where can a 13 year old girl find a job in Dallas Texas?

at 14 you can work at chick fil a =]

Where a 14 year old can find a job in Erie PA?

Newspaper boy or girl

What job can a thirteen year old boy find in bed-stuy?


Where can a 14 year old boy find a paying job in Rockford Illinois?

in your mom

What is Joe Jonas dream job?

the towel boy for the dallas cowboy cheerleaders

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a snack boy, or a nesspaper delevery boy, by Jacob pace

Where can I jobs near Dallas online?

There are many sites that will help you find a job in Dallas. and are just a few of many sites that will help you find a new job.

What online site can I use to find a job in Dallas Texas?

Job postings in Dallas, Texas can be found by searching the local newspaper website. The website for Dallas News is A second job search resource is

Where can I find a job in Dallas for a civil engineer?

In Dallas, URS is hiring people that are looking for a civil engineer job. However, you must be registered in EIT in Texas or obtain within one year of hire and must have strong written and oral communication skills.

Where could a person find a CAD job in Dallas?

A person could find a CAD job in Dallas by using the Indeed website. The website allows you to enter in the job as well as where the job should be located, and then it will come up with a list of jobs that fit the description.

Where can one find work for a transport driver in Dallas?

To find work and jobs as a transport driver in the Dallas area, one should approach Dallas job centers. Alternatively, search the Dallas local newspaper listings.