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A Business Owner can purchase Business Liability online at the website of Hiscox. You can go to their website and also get an online quote. You can also purchase Business Liability Insurance online at Geico. They have four Business Insurance options including Professional Liability Insurance.

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Q: Where can a business owner purchase business liability?
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Is capital an asset or liabilities?

Capital is that amount which is invested by owner of business in business and it's the liability for business to return back to it's owner that's why it is liability.

Is additional paid in capital an asset or liability?

1. Capital introduced in business is liability of business towards it's owner to payback, so if owner's introduce more capital it increases the liability of business that's why it is also liability.

You are owner- operatorof your business is there a form you can get relieving the customer of liability?

waiver liability relieving customer of liability

What type of an account is capital?

Capital account is liability nature of account because any capital introduce by owner towards business is the liability of business to return to it's owner.

Is a capital a asset or liability?

No,Capital is owner's equity i,e owner's contribution to business.

Is capital an asset or a liability?

No,Capital is owner's equity i,e owner's contribution to business.

Where can a business owner purchase insurance of their business?

A business owner can purchase insurance for their business, such as liability insurance or small business health insurance by visiting a price comparison website. Price comparison websites allow one to enter some simple details and be presented with a list of different quotations to find the preferred price, level of cover or duration of cover.

The owner's liability is limited to the amount of investment in the business?


The owner has unlimited liability but collects all the profits from a business?

When an owner has unlimited liability and collects all of the profits for the business they are considered a sole proprietor. They can make all of the decisions about the business without dealing with a partner.

Does every business owner have to have commercial general liability?

It is a good idea to consider purchasing general liability insurance for your business. General liability insurance can protect your business and give you peace of mind.

What type of business ownership provides limited liability for the owner?


Your capital is your major asset and so should be shownas an asset on the balance sheet?

It is the basic concept of accounting that business is a separate entity from it's owner. So when owner invest capital in business its now the liability of the business to return back that amount of capital to owner of business at the time of liquidation of the company that's why it is not asset but liability of the company and shown under liability side.