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Q: Where can a hypernova be found?
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How big can hypernova get?

There is no such thing as a "hypernova". Making up words does not make something real.

How often is a hypernova created?


What is the action replay code for the hypernova sword in dragon quest 9?

There is no single code for hypernova blade to be got but there is a all weapon X99 code

What forms a black hole?

When a massive star dies, gravity forces it to fall in on itself, and the result is a gigantic explosion called a hypernova. The leftover of a hypernova is a black hole.

What kind of spatial explosion is the advanced form of a supernova?


What is an ultra mega supernova?

It's called a hypernova [See related]

Is it possible for the existence of a more powerful version of the Hypernova an Ultranova?

That is only currently possible if several if more than 1000 supernovas crashed dead right into each other. But there is no single thing that has the power of a hypernova.

How big will the hypernova be when vy canis majoris explodes?

A couple of light-years.

What is bigger than a supernova?

A hypernova [See related question]

What is the temperature of hypernova?

It is said that a hypernova can release around 100 times more energy than a supernova. Supernova's will reach temperatures of 100 billion degrees centigrade, and will release more energy in 15 seconds than our sun does in it's entire lifetime!

What is the hottest natural thing?

Answer: the hottest natural things the KALDERO Answer: I believe that would be a hypernova - a special kind of supernova.

What do red giants become after they run out of fuel?

They explode as a supernova/hypernova to form a planetary nebula/black hole.