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The Small Business Association in Florida offers assistance and guidance to persons requiring tips and information on business loans. One can find more information on tips on the eFlorida site as they have useful information listed as well.

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Q: Where can a person go to get tips on getting a business loan in Florida?
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Does your criminal record effect getting a small business loan?

If a person has a criminal history, getting a small business loan can be problematic. A clean record is a good sign, but it is no guarantee of garnering a loan.

Where can a person go to get tips on getting a start up loan?

The government website for the US Small Business Administration is a great place to get tips for getting a start up loan for a business. They have many articles and resources for small business owners and people looking to start a business.

What are the disadvantages of getting a cash advance loan for my business?

were can i applied for a personal loan

Can I cancel my business loan request before getting the funds?

Yes you can, but you have give some charges.

How can a person with bad credit get a business loan?

If your personal credit is completely separate from your business credit, you can increase your chances of getting a business loan.

How does one go about getting a business loan?

One goes about getting a business loan by going to their local bank and applying for one. One can also seek out loans from enthusiastic investors who want a part in the business.

Can you sell a business to your spouse to qualify for a minority business loan?

You can sell your business to your spouse and if she is a minority, then she may be eligible for a minority business loan. You must ask the loan officer if the person has to be the owner for a certain amount of time before they qualify for the loan.

Where could a person with bad credit get a business loan?

A person with bad credit could get a business loan at various banks and companies. Some of the companies that offer a business loan for people with bad credit are Venture Capital, Prosper and Lending Club.

Where do I get information about an SBA business loan? would be the only place I can suggest to you if you are interested in applying for a sba business loan. You could probably apply with your bank if you were interested in getting a loan.

How difficult is it to get a loan as a sole proprietor?

It may be challenging to get a loan but a loan will be dependent on having a good business plan. If you have a well thought out business plan and proposal, you will have a better chance of getting a loan. The amount will also have a lot to do with whether you can get your loan or not.

How important is my Credit Score when applying for a business loan?

Credit scores are an essential part in examining a business loan application. Most lenders consider the way a person manages his or her personal credit a great indicator of how business enterprise credit can be dealt with. Before applying for a business loan you ought to get a duplicate of your personal credit report. Despite with a remarkable business strategy, a bad credit score can prevent you from getting a business loan.

How do I apply for a small business loan in Florida?

One way to apply is to stop by a local bank you are familiar with in Florida, however, you can do everything online at the Small Business Administration's website: