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There are many places where one can watch videos of dance battles. One of the best places is a website called YouTube. Other websites where one could find these videos would be Vimeo or Viddler.

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Q: Where can a person watch videos of dance battles?
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How do you fancy shawl dance?

watch videos

Where do you usually watch breakdancing battles?

If one wanted to watch breakdancing battles one could watch online through the YouTube website. The online website Dailymotion also offers videos of breakdancing battles.

Where do you watch videos to help me with my tap dance exam?


Where can a person watch videos of a nerd lapdance?

There are many adult sites where one could watch videos of a nerd receiving a lap dance. YouTube has some however it will show explicit content which is not suitable for all persons.

Where can a person watch tap dancing videos online?

One can watch such videos on any video channels accross the internet. Furthermore one can find the history of tap dancing on just tap dot com and get a history of this type of dance.

How do you do the solja boy dance?

go to u tube and watch one of the videos!

How do you dance like jay chou?

Practice. Watch his music videos and learn from them!

Where can one watch videos of a break dance battle online?

One can watch a variety of break dance battle videos online on many different sites. These include sites such as YouTube, Vevo, as well as break dance blogs and forums dedicated to break dancing.

Where can someone go to watch videos of pool dance competitions?

Pole dance competition videos can be found in a few places online. The competition group's website may have videos of past competitions. In addition, some videos of these competitions are on YouTube.

Where can somebody watch videos of people doing the Numa Numa Dance?

You can view videos of people doing the Numa Numa Dance on YouTube. Subscribe to channels that have the videos posted as they are known to post more soon.

Is rock dancing primarily a mode to be watched?

Yes it is ,you can watch rockstars dance on their videos!

Where can you watch videos of Naimah Jackman?

You can check out her youtube pg. Its or her myspace, also you can find her videos on dance media, dance jam, and black planet.