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Zac Efron

Where can fans write to Zac Efron?

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You can write to Zac Efron by:

Zac Efron

500 south buena vista street

burbank, CA 91521-6078 I hope you appreciate this zac efron fans

and Zac Efron will appreciate all your fan mail

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How many fans does Zac Efron have?

Zac Efron has loads of fans and they adore him and he adore's them back.

Is Zac Efron like his fans?

Zac Efron does like his fans he adore's them because they adore him!

What does Zac Efron hate?

zac efron hates his fans

Has bindi Irwin met Zac Efron?

Nope! Sorry all you Zac Efron fans, but this is a myth!

Does Zac Efron date fans?

zac might it depens on the age I hope he does!

What hand does Zac Efron write with?

Right handedzac efron is right handed

When will Zac Efron come to Chicago to see his fans.?

== ==

How many people are fans of Zac Efron?

about 3000

Zac Efron likes you?

Yes he does, He likes all his fans

Does Zac Efron answer his fans' emails?

Yes Zac efron does answer his fane mail because i wrote him a letter on the computer and he wrote me back.

Does Zac Efron have a sit and if he does what is the name?

When Zac Efron have a sit his name is Zac Efron. When Zac Efron have a sit his name is Zac Efron.

What book did Zac Efron write?


Does Zac Efron like his gay fans?

i love Megan fox!!!!!!!!!

Does zac efron like his fans?

Yes.Of course...:)

How many fans does zac effron have?

The world will never know because everyone loves Zac Efron

Did Zac Efron and Keke Palmer get married?

No, Zac Efron and Keke Palmer did not get married. They were joking around at the kids choice awards and fooled many of their fans.

Does Zac Efron read his fan mail?

Zac has said that he reads some fan mail, but time constraints prevent him from reading all of it. Fans can write to him at Zac Efron, Viewpoint, Inc., 8820 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 220, Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2618.

Is Zac Efron dead?

Zac Efron is alive. It is a hoax.

Does Vanessa Hudgens have fans?

no ,not a lot Because she is not so famaus!(Zac Efron Lover)

Who is hotter Zac Efron or MIKA?

Zac Efron!

Who is Zac Efron dsating?

zac efron is dating vanessa hudgens. zac efron is dating vanessa hudgens.

Who is datind Zac Efron?

Vanessa Hugens is datind Zac Efron! Vanessa Hugens is datind Zac Efron!

Does Zac Efron live with Ashley Tisdale?

No way they aren't big fans of each other

Does zac efron ever date fans 11 years old?

I don't c y not

Who does Vanessa Hudgens love?

Zac Efron.zac efron

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