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There are a few places where one could donate to protect baby seals. The best places to donate to the protection of baby seals are: The Humane Society and Harp Seals.

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2013-06-26 14:06:56
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Q: Where can one donate to protect baby seals?
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How many baby seals does a seal have?

One at a time

How many babies do hooded seals have?

they have one baby at a time. The baby seals are also called pups.

What is being done to protect baby harp seals?

one way is the united states and European animal activist are boycottig Canadian seafood

How long do seals stay with their pups?

Most species of seals stay with their pups for about one month. During this month the baby seals feed from their mother but after that the baby seals feed themselves.

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How many babies can harp seals have?

Harp seals have one baby at a time because although there milk is rich with fat they could never produce enough milk to feed more than one baby. Seals start breading at the age of 2 or 3 and breed at least once per year

How many babies can a harp seal have?

Seals including harp seals have one baby at a time. They are born directly on the ice bergs. They will not be able to swim for a month. They are weaned in about two weeks.

Where can one find information about a baby seal?

The best place to find information about a baby seal would be on Humane Society. They have a lot of information about all the animals and are sure to have information about baby seals.

Are leopard seals actually related to seals?

Leopard seals are one of the largest species of seals, so they are related to seals.

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