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A tankless electric water heater is a special kind of heater that heats water that flow in a pipe by either an electric element or a gas burner. Such heater can be found in stores like Home Depot and of course Amazon.

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Although tankless water heaters are an efficient, cost effective way to heat up water for your family's personal use, not every home has the type of plumbing necessary to use these new devices. If you live in an older home, make sure that you consult with a plumber before you make your tankless water heater purchase. You do not want to go to all the trouble deciding which unit to buy only to find out that you can only use the traditional tank models. A plumber will be able to quickly tell you if a tankless water heater is right for your home.

Electric water heaters are big towers that hook up usually in basements and they just allow you to have warm water. You can usually find more information by doing by searching online.

Operating the thermostats and usually near the water heater or electric panel

Many would agree that there is nothing more uncomfortable than a cold shower in the morning. Maybe you were the last in line to shower or your old storage tank water heater is losing valuable heat but no matter the reason, a tankless water heater is an alternative water heating method that many homeowners are now installing in their homes. And, the reasons for the switch are clear. The benefits of a tankless water heater include: •Save money – as energy costs continue to soar, a tankless water heater will save you money by eliminating thermal heat loss. •Hot water is provided on demand – cold water flows through the unit and the electronic heating element heats the water as it flows through. Thus, unlimited hot water is produced. •Space saver – since there is no storage tank, the space previously occupied by the tank water heater can now be used for storage. •Long life for years of usage – a tankless water heater will last upwards of 20 years. Far surpassing their storage tank counterparts that last as little as six years. When you consider the switch, you will first want to determine the size of the unit that will best meet your needs. The easiest way to complete this is to examine your current water heater and purchase a unit that is capable of producing the same amount of hot water. Pricing is another important factor to consider. Not only is the purchase price important but the operation costs and installation costs should be included in your budgeting needs. Finally, find out how emery-efficient the unit is. Typically the more energy-efficient a model is the more expensive it will be but these high costs models will save you more money in the long run. Tankless units last longer, save space, provide hot water on demand and save homeowners hundreds of dollars in energy costs. The size and costs of the unit are items homeowners need to consider when purchasing these units. Tankless water heaters are energy-efficient and a responsible decision for the eco-friendly minded homeowner.

You can find in-line water heaters at any of the Home Depots in NYC, or at just about any plumbing or electrical store.

The life expectancy of a tank-type hot water heater is 13 years. For most of this time, the water heater will perform without any attention, then all of a sudden, you find water all over the floor. Before you rush out and make an emergency call to your plumber, there are several things to consider. The first is what size hot water heater your family needs now and for the next few years. Perhaps the size of your family has changed. If the kids are growing up, you may want to consider getting a larger heater. Teenagers tend to take longer showers and consequently use up more hot water. On the other hand, maybe the kids have moved out of the house and you can get by with a smaller size. What is the availability of different fuel types? If you have both natural gas and electric available, you can change if it makes economic sense. Electric water heaters cost less initially and are simpler to install. However, electric utility rates tend to be higher so the operating costs over the years will be higher when compared to natural gas. Gas water heaters are a little more complicated. They need adequate venting for the flue gases and a sufficient air supply for combustion. This makes the location of the heater more critical. Gas backdrafting is also a consideration and carbon monoxide detectors may need to be installed. The efficiency of the water heaters is a major factor. Electric water heaters have energy factors above 95%, while natural gas heaters are in the range of 60% to 65%. Tankless water heaters have become more popular in recent years. Their efficiency is higher, around 80%, because they do not have standby heat losses from a tank. Based on average gas rates, a tankless water heater will save about $100 per year for the average homeowner. The initial cost of a tankless heater is higher compared to gas and electric. Determine the payback period to see if the annual fuel savings justify the additional cost of the unit.

You will most likely get the best price from Lowe's or Home depot. You can call a plumbing company for quotes and they may be willing to price match the cheapest price you find due to such a rough economy.

If you cann't see the wire then you probably don't have a block heater or the electric cord was removed. Check on the block to see if you find the heater itself. If you don't find it then you don't have a block heater!

Yep. The water heater will warm up the area in which the water heater is located. You will find out later if it is sufficient heating.

For a list of common water heater problems and solutions go to

This website might be a good solution: I'm not sure if they will work on both hot water and electric baseboard heaters.

You can find a good deal on commercial electric radiant heaters online at . They offer great brands like Mr. Heater for garages and commercial businesses.

not really, gas or somewhat ok, but electric are always better. but if your really looking to a save a buck or two, find your breaker box and turn the circuit off to your water heater, if it's electric. but remember that you have to turn it back on about an hour before you use hot water. electric water heaters are a constant use of electricity and if you ever look at your power meter and see the " wheel" or guage moving, then turn off every thing in your house and it will still move on account of the water heater. or you could just go to your buddy's house and use their water Installing a water heater timer may also help save energy and heating bill costs. Gas heater and electric heater timers are out there and I think they really do help save money. (up to 30% on energy costs monthly) Its really convenient and since its just me in the house the timer allows me to set it so only heats when Im home and need hot water.

Go to your plumbing or hardware store, and you find a special tool for this job which resembles a large socket or wrench.

Sounds like your water heater is not working. Feel around the hot water heater and the lines and pipes and see if it feels warm. Also, if it's an electric HWH, find the circuit breaker for it and see if it has tripped. If it has, turn the breaker OFF, then back on and see if that helps. If not, contact a qualified plumber to have a look at it.

If you want to use a well known service to repair your water heater, you could call RotoRooter in Wichita; you can find them online by the same name.

Is the furnace a hydroponic system? If it is you only need to get a heat exchanger (As you don't want the water to your heater flowing through the furnace) and plumb it as another zone in your house. If not you need to find a device for heating water that fits your furnace. and plumb the heat exchanger to that. I believe an heat exchanger is required by code in either case.

I hope to save people a lot of money by answering this. $10.00 electric heater or $500.00 electric heater THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN EFFICIENCY. The $500.00 heater might be better build quality, safety features such as tip over protection, and or, over heat protection, and or, double cased to let cats sit on it and children not get burned from touching it, but I bet if you look up the statistics on any electric heater you will find a 120 volt, 1500 watt heater will produce 5118 btu. the only way to save money using them is to put them in the room you frequent most and turn your whole house thermostat down. please do not purchase a $ 10.00 safety feature starved electric heater if you need to use it in a situation that could benefit from having them.

It can maintain the cooling temperature of water and 80% of copper is available.

the trick is to find an inverter large enough to handle the load of a hot water heater, things such as water heaters, air condition units draw lots of electricity

You can gather more information about a reliance water heater at websites like or You can compare prices at those websites, as well as specifications.

You can find a guide about how to repair a leaking water heater on the following site: They offer fantastic tips.

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