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There are a number of third party agencies that rate medical insurance providers. EHealthInsurance, Health-Insurance-Comparison, and HealthInsuranceSimplified all provide comparison tools.

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Q: Where can one find an objective comparison of private medical insurance providers?
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Who are the billing providers?

Billers are the people that link medical service providers with insurance companies. The billers provide important information that help insurance companies make medical payments on behalf of the patient.

Where can one find more information about travel medical insurance?

One can find more information about travel medical insurance from medical insurance providers. In addition, online resources provide information about travel medical insurance.

What are the best medical insurance providers in Florida?

In florida there are many different medical insurance providers. They include: BCBS of Florida, United Health Care, Humana Medical Plan, Aetna Health inc., and Wellcare of FL inc.

Are premium payments to medical insurance providers 1099 reportable?


What are some medical insurance providers in the UK?

If you're searching for medical insurance providers in the UK, you can try Kaiser Quotes and Aetna International. There is a health care blog which could be of some help as well as Wikipedia.

What are some companies that provide medical malpractice insurance?

Some of the companies that provide medical malpractice insurance are FPIC Insurance Group and the Healthcare Providers Service Organization. The Doctors Company also provides medical malpractice insurance.

Where could one purchase medical insurance for a child?

Where you can purchase medical insurance for a child depends on where you are located. For example, You can purchase medical insurance for a child from providers such as CHPlus and Family Health Plus in New York.

What websites offer the ability to compare medical insurance?

A great place to compare medical insurance is You can also compare insurance plans at which lists most of the top insurance providers.

Purchasing Medical Insurance for Yourself?

Many people enjoy having medical benefits through their employers. However, some people do not have this opportunity or find that employer-provided medical insurance does not meet their needs. People who choose to purchase their own medical insurance separately have many options through various insurance providers. For those shopping for insurance, websites that collect data from several providers and display the information so that it is easy to compare policy features are good starting points. Shoppers can use this information to determine which providers and policies may be a good fit for them. They can then approach those providers directly.

Where do you get medical insurance?

Medical insurance is provided by a variety of sources. It is important to comparison shop to find the best rate. You can find some information online at

What is CMS-1500?

The CMS-1500 form is provided by most medical providers and is an insurance claim form used to apply for insurance.

What is the purpose of major medical insurance?

major medical insurance providers usually offer a broader range of coverage in which most other insurance companies don't. Making it easier to choose the right coverage for you or your family