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One can find more information about free online trades at Nabtrade. This website provides more information as well as options that one might be looking for.

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Q: Where can one find information about free online trades?
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There are a number of websites that offer free information about online trading. The 'HowStuffWoks' website has an article titled 'How Online Trading Works'. One can also find free information on 'eHow'.

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One may find online discount stock brokers from Quest Trade. A new use will receive 100 free trades upon joining and most trades are offered at less than $1.

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Unfortunately, you probably will not find a legal way to trade online for free. All online brokerages charge a fee to create and maintain your account, as well as place trades for you. You can, however, find a brokerage that has low fees by doing a quick search and really looking into what each brokerage offers. Alternately, charting software that looks at the markets can be obtained for free, though with limited options, and you can practice your trades there.

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