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The Probation Officer Info website offers information on how one can become a probation officer. Wikihow has a six step guide on achieving a job as a probation officer.

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2013-07-09 20:21:54
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Q: Where can one go to learn how to become a probation officer?
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What is the advantages for a probation officer?

What advantages does one get from becoming a probation officer?

What will happen if your probation officer cannot contact you?

I would imagine a warrant will be issued because one of the conditions of probation is that you stay in contact with your officer.

Can a personal on probation for bad checks in TN travel out of state without a travel permit from his probation officer?

Leaving the state without permission from a Probation Officer is considered violating the probation. Permission will have to be granted for any out of state travel, and sometimes travel outside of one's county. It is best to check with the probation officer before leaving the state.

Can a probation officer require someone to take urinalysis testing if not court order?

yes, that is their job.... and that's one term of your probation.

Can a probation officer have you arrested in his office when you report to him for your meeting if you have a warrant out for a breach of one of the conditions of your probation in Alberta Canada?

Yes Yes

Can a probation officer search the home of some one not on probation?

Not unless someone is living in the house that is on probation. Probationers surrender some of their civil rights, but someone not on probation has search and seize protection that a probation officers powers can not supersede.

What can you major in to be a probation officer?

One possible approach is a program of study in Criminal Justice.

What if the probation officer dies?

Obviously a new one will be appointed to take over their caseload.

Who is a probationary officer?

who one of those people are i don't know, but they are a type of officer that is close to you if on probation. they kinda stalk you except legally.

Can sheriff enter your house while you are on probation?

If accompanied by or at the direction of your probation officer, any law enforcement officer may search your home. On probation, you are still in custody. It is only the conditions of that custody that are altered. Probation is a conditional release, and one of the standard conditions is that you, your residence, and your vehicle are subject to periodic and potentially unannounced search.

Can your probation officer send you to jail if no one filed anything against you even though you violated it?

Your probation officer, metaphorically speaking, has the word of life and death over you. If he violates you for any reason, complaint or not, he can return you to lock-up.

How much does a probation officer get paid in Maryland?

Probation officers are civil servants and can work either for the State of MD or one of the counties. Their salary scales are public record.

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