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Commercial Truck Trader and International Truck are the two companies that sell many used international dump trucks at good prices. Buyers can also find such products on eBay.

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Q: Where can one purchase International dump trucks?
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Where can one buy used trucks internationally?

You can purchase used trucks internationally from websites such as Truck Paper. Alternatively, you can also purchase these trucks from the International Used Trucks website.

Where could one find a used dump truck for sale?

There are many different places to purchase used vehicles. Whether they be cars, trucks or heavy machinery, like dump trucks, they are easy to find on Craigslist.

Who uses dump trucks in their jobs?

hundreds of different professions use dump trucks:landscapers need to get the extra soil and rocks out so they use dump trucks .Pool companies use dump trucks to get rid of the companies use dump trucks for all types of purposes.roofers use dump trucks to get rid of old shingles and plywood.Excavators, trash companies, etc.Dump trucks are able to handle a large load - basic work trucks can handle a ton at the most - dump trucks can handle three times that. Companies use dump trucks because they only want to make one trip to the dump instead of 50 trips. It saves time and money.

Where are there GMC Dump trucks for sale?

GMC dump trucks can be found on online auction houses like eBay or Municibid. One should probably be able to find GMC dump trucks at your local car dealer, too.

Where can I purchase a reliable dump truck in Cleveland, Ohio?

You can find cheap and used vehicles on They have all kinds of vehicles, and you can find one right in your area. will have cheap and used dump trucks in your area.

Were is reverse on a dump truck?

That depends on what type of transmission the dump truck has. A dump truck could be anything from a one ton pickup to a Class 8 truck, all the way up to the articulated dump trucks used for sitework and the off-road dump trucks used in rock quarries and such.

Where might one be able to purchase Peterbilt dump trucks in the US?

Peterbilt dump trucks won't be found at most standard auto dealers, but specialty truck and construction equipment sellers may offer them. Places to look include The Truck Paper, Commercial Truck Trader, and Triple R Diesel.

What is the volume of a dump truck?

That depends on the bed dimensions. Dump trucks range in size from a one ton pickup up to a centipede with four additional lift axles, not to mention end dump trailers, off-highway dump trucks, etc. You could be referring to any size dump truck.

Where can one learn about international pick up trucks?

One can learn about international pick-up trucks online at various websites. One can learn about international pick-up trucks at Diesel Power Magazine and Truck Finder.

Capacity of a dump truck?

You'd have to be more specific. Dump trucks come in many sizes, and there is no "one size fits all" answer.

Where can you purchase model trucks?

One can purchase model trucks from the companies that manufacture trucks. Companies like GMC and Ford have numerous model trucks to help promote the business.

How many dump trucks will it take to move 3.9 million cubic yard of dirt?

one normal dump truck carries 10 cubic yard, hence it would take 390,000 dump trucks to move 3.9M cubic yard of earth