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One can buy a shoe stretcher at a local shoe repair shop. Alternatively several online sites such as FoodSmart, Healing Touch or Joe's Shoe Service also carries several types of shoe stretchers.

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Q: Where can one purchase a boot stretcher?
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Where can one purchase a dollar stretcher?

The dollar stretcher is not a product you purchase but a collection of tips and guides on how to make the most of the money you do have. This typically includes guides to finding the best offers and using vouchers.

Where can one purchase quality boot cover?

One can purchase non-skid and waterproof boot covers from ULINE. One can also purchase quality boot covers from Staples, ZORO Tools, Galeton, and Cole-Parmer.

Where can one purchase a boot rack?

One can purchase a boot rack at local home renovation shops and other retailers. One can find this product in Home Depot, Target and Walmart as these stores offer boot rack at a very reasonable price.

Where can one purchase boot laces for boots?

The ideal place that a person can purchase boot laces for boots is through an online retailer such as Amazon. Another place to buy is from the boot manufacturer themselves.

Where can one purchase boot socks?

Boot socks are a type of sock that is suitable to wear with boots. A few places that you can purchase boot socks from are Zappo's, Macy's, ASOS, Bailey's, and Sockdreams. All of the mentioned companies have sites online as well that allow you to make a purchase or shop their inventory on boot socks.

Where could a person buy a Rocky Boot care kit?

There are many places where one could purchase a Rocky Boot care kit. One looking to purchase a Rocky Boot care kit should visit on the web sources such as Shoeshine Express and Galls.

Where can on purchase brass boot shoes?

One can purchase brass boot shoes at numerous locations. Some of these locations are Dick's Sporting Good's, Cabella's, Big 5, and Walmart Supercenters.

How do you stretch football boots?

Football boots can be stretched by getting them damp and placing them on a shoe stretcher. A shoe stretcher is a wooden model of the foot that can be adjusted to make shoes bigger. The football shoe or boot is made of leather which can be stretched if wet.

Where can one purchase a brass boot?

One can purchase a brass boot from these retailers: Brass Boots, Dillards, Peltz Shoes, The Shoe Mart, Amazon, eBay, Famous Footwear, Fish Pond, Shoes, Direct Buy, Sears.

Where can one purchase men's Western boots online?

One can purchase men's Western boots online from numerous retailers. They are available for purchase from 'Boot Barn', 'Sheplers', 'Amazon' and 'Ariat'.

Where can one purchase a black leather boot bag?

Specialty leather shops such as Cruiser Customizing are the best places to purchase a black leather boot bag. The popular auction website, Ebay, would also be a solid option where one might be able to find a black leather boot bag for a low price.

What is a shoe stretcher?

Are your favorite shoes snug or tight? Do you need to break in shoes without getting blisters? Are you a size 10 or 10.5 but either size still does not fit? Do you want to break or loosen up shoes without wearing them? Well if you answered yes, than you need a shoe stretcher.A shoe stretcher is a wooden or plastic foot that's place inside a shoe to give feet more room. Shoe Stretchers are made for both men and ladies, left and right shoes.Shoe Stretchers typically have a steel bar and a rod handle running through the wooden foot, constructed in two halves (you can see examples below). Cranking/Rotating the rod handle will expand the two halves and stretch the width. For most, they come with bunion and corn pieces that you could attach into the holes of the shoe stretcher. Perfect for toes and bunion stretches.Different types/styles of shoe stretchers:One Way Shoe Stretcher: Stretches the shoes width. Stretches left to right anywhere from your arch to the toe area.Two Way Shoe Stretcher: Stretches both the width and length. Similar to the one-way shoe stretcher but you can stretch the length from the heel to the toe area.High Heel Shoe Stretcher: Specialize and different shaped shoe stretcher made for ladies high heels. Expanding the width of your heel.Vamp and Instep Raiser: A shoe stretcher made to stretch the vamp and/or instep of a shoe. Basically stretching the top area of the shoe by height.Toe Raiser/Stretcher: Stretches the toe box of the shoe.Ball & Ring Cast Iron Bunion Stretcher: Stretches specific pressured points relating to bunion and toe areas of the shoe.Boot Stretchers: A variety of boot stretchers could range from expanding the shaft of the boot, vamp of the boot, the length of the boot, and/or the width of the boot. Depending on the boot worn, ask a specialist and ask for recommendation.Shoe Stretch Spray: Recommended with shoe stretchers. Loosens the fibers to make stretching more efficient and a lot easier.In general, shoe stretchers just give feet more room in your tight old and new shoes. Break them in faster and get rid of shoe pain!