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There are a number of different places from where one can purchase a patio and table set. Some of these include Homebase, John Lewis and Marks and Spencers.

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Q: Where can one purchase a patio table and chairs?
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Where can one purchase card table chairs?

There are many places where one could purchase card table chairs. One could purchase card table chairs online from sites such as Amazon or eBay for deals on this product.

Where can someone purchase the best patio chairs?

One can purchase some of the best patio chairs from any local stores such as Ikea and Jysk. Alternatively, one can purchase it on some online stores like Best Buy and eBay.

Where are there sales/clearances for an aluminum patio dining table with two chairs?

Well I couldn't find an aluminum patio dining table with just two chairs, instead I found one with six chairs that's covered with an included umbrella. Its on sale for $1699.99 from

Where would one be able to purchase a table and chairs set?

One would be able to purchase a table and chairs set from the store Target. Target has both retail locations as well as an online store that tables and chairs can be purchased from.

Where can one purchase table top patio heaters?

you can buy table top patio heaters from shops including target, patioshoppers, shopperschoice e.t.c. If u search where can one purchase tabletop patio heaters many more websites will pop up.

Where can one purchase kitchen table chairs?

There are many places to purchase kitchen table chairs. Often the more expensive they are, the better quality. Check out places such as IKEA, Sears and Walmart.

How can I exchange my patio cover?

If your patio cover came with your patio table I suggest you return it to the shop you purchased it from. If it did not come with your patio table I suggest you measure your table and purchase a suitable sized one from a retailer such as Argos, or a specialised shop such as Covers-Direct.

Out of three kinds of patio chairs, which is the most preferred?

Three types of patio chairs are wicker, wooden, and metal. It is all about preference as to which one is more preferred. However, most of the best selling patio chairs are metal chairs.

Where can one purchase a folding table and chairs set?

One can purchase a folding table and chairs set at either Target or Walmart. Target has many household items that have are high quality. This would be the best choice for purchasing this item.

Where can one purchase a table and 4 chairs online?

A table and 4 chairs can be purchased online from Ikea and Argos. Furniture like a table with a set of 4 chairs is also sold on more popular websites such as eBay and Amazon.

Enjoy the Benefits of Patio Furniture?

The patio is an excellent retreat in the summer to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fresh air. For many, comfort is an important aspect of a great patio experience. Patio chairs come in several types, such as folding and wicker. Folding chairs are lawn chairs that can be adjusted to one's needs. Wicker patio chairs are made of weaved natural wicker, and resin wicker patio furniture are framed in plastic or aluminum and are very durable. Adding a table in the center will turn that patio into a great outside adventure full of possibilities.

Where can one purchase patio accessories?

DIY and home stores sell a variety of patio accessories, such as tables, chairs, BBQ's and outdoor cooking equipment, and patio heaters. Some of the more notable brands are B&Q and Homebase.

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