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A used 64 Impala would not normally be available for sale at a regular used car lot. These cars would need to be purchased directly from an owner or from a car dealer who specializes in restored "classic" cars. A website called Carsforsale can help locate these sources.

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Q: Where can one purchase a used 64 Impala?
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How tall is a Impala?

It is about 96 cm. 64 inches

How do you install air bag on 64 Chevy impala?

you don't

I am intereste in Chevy Mabilu or Impala?

Which one would I get good as miles and would be comfortable for me nd my wife. We are ages 66 and 64?

What is the difference between a 63 Impala and a 64 Impala?

very little difference with the interior, however the front and rear of the 64 were squared off and the 63 from the side view looked pointed < on the rear and > this on the front

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How do you tell if yourdriveshaft middleswing bearing is bad on a 64 impala?

Strange noises and vibrations.

What is the gas tank size for a 2001 Impala?

17 u.s. gallons (64 liters).....

Can you put 22 inch wheels on a 64 impala?

Yes, you can definitely put 22 inch wheels on a 64' Impala. However, it would look better if you only put the 22's on the back wheels and not on the front. For the front, stick with 20's.

What would cause water in the trunk of 64 impala?

My 72 Impala's trunk will fill with water because the rear window seal leaks My 72 Impala's trunk will fill with water because the rear window seal leaks

Where can you find an automatic transmission wiring diagram for a 1964 Chevy Impala?

The factory shop manuals have the wiring diagrams for everything in the 64 Impala. Carl King The only "wiring" to a trans in a 64 impala would be the neutral safety switch and the back up lights. it's not an electronic solenoid type transmission and the speedometer is a mechanical drive.

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