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There are many places where someone an find a computer part to fix their computer. One can find a computer part to fix their computer at popular on the web sources such as eBay and Best Buy.

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2013-07-10 02:11:08
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Q: Where can someone find a computer part to fix their computer?
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Where can someone find tips on how to fix a computer that is running slow?

A person can find tips on how to fix a computer that is running slow at Computer Hope, Webopedia, PCWorld, eHow, SlideShare, The Daily Digi, and Article Base.

What should a woman do who need her computer fix when she knows someone who can fix it but he has a crush on her and she has no interest in him?

you need to find the right files you need to fix because it will cost of money if you dont fix it

Where can I find a Computer Expert to make a house visit to fix my computer?

Getting your computer fixed can be very difficult. It is best to go to a computer repiar store in your local area. That way you can find someone who is qualified to work on your computer.

How do you fix a crashed computer?

what you have to do is ask someone who knows how to do it

What should I do if my computer has a virus?

Call someone to help you fix it!

What do you do if your computer crashes?

run around screaming like a banshee and call someone to fix it, that would be the reasonable thing to do, exept for the banshee part

Where is the main control relay for the megane 1.9dci?

This would be in the computer system. A qualified mechanic can help you find and fix this part to avoid issues.

How does someone fix a css overflow?

How to fix a CSS overflow computer program is a complicated procedure that is best left to highly trained computer experts. Contact a computer programer to get ideas on fixing it.

Can you repair an IPod touch screen when it cracks?

Yes you can repair an Ipod if its screen is broken. For example you can have someone fix it or you can find a place that fixes screen's,you can find does in the mall or looking for them in the computer.

What are the purposes of computer lights?

The purpose of computer lights are to see inside your computer. If a part is broke, then you can turn on the lights and fix the broken computer parts.

How do you fix a virus?

Run an AntiVirus scan. If you don't have AntiVirus I suggest you find someone who know how to download it. This requires taking out the tower and installing in the others computer. It may take about 2 days to fix it depending on how bad it is.

Is it better to buy a new computer or fix it if its 6 years old and broken?

Depends on what the problem is and how much you put into it. The answer is usually replace. DO NOT pay someone to find out what the problem is.

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