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u can buy one on either or u can go to CHOW!!

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Q: Where can you buy 750 fps airsoft guns at?
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What is a good place to find cheap airsoft guns with high fps?


What is the airsoft miniguns fps?

Airsoft miniguns can shoot at a variety of fps's, it can range from aroudn 200-700 fps. These guns are not very accurate however have a very high rate of fire, and is mainly used to spray around the enemy

Can you get an upgrade motor for mini aeg airsoft guns?

NO! That would be completely useless because those guns suck and fire about 100 fps and are pieces of crap. Only better airsoft guns can get upgraded.

Where can you find the cheapest good quality airsoft guns that are between 300-350 FPS?


Where should you buy a soft air gun?

If you mean and Airsoft gun which shoots small 6mm plastic bb's the you should buy from either or these guns are used for the same purpose as paintball guns. these are not air guns which shoot an excess of 750 fps.

A cheap airsoft sniper rifle that has atleast 400 fps?

Most of the guns listed here will shoot around 400 fps or above. Expensive guns are around $300-$800.

Are Falatt Goggles safe to use for Airsoft How much FPS can it withstand?

Yes they are safe to be used in airsoft and can withstand almost 750 fps (i tried an expirament with my goggles and my friend had a 725 fps gun and shot my goggles to see how tough they were and they held pretty well.

If someone in your neighborhood shot at you with an airsoft gun when you were riding your bike would you be legally allowed to take your airsoft gun out and shoot back in self defense?

No way! you could get arrested your self because he could press charges and by the way I have a 750 fps airsoft gun there are no laws on an airsoft gun fps

What airsoft gun has the least fps?

most cheap spring guns at walmart have very low velocity

What does FBS stand for as in airsoft guns?

Sure than is not FPS? Feet per second- velocity of the projectile.

What are good airsoft guns for 11 year olds?

Low fps (200-250) spring guns always wear eye protection.

How much is 130 fps?

Not much. It is only 130 feet per second. It sounds fast, but in reality, most airsoft guns shoot at about 300 fps.