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Atlanta Thrashers tickets can be purchased on the Atlanta Thrashers website and in person at the Atlanta Thrashers box office. Places like Ticketmaster also sell Atlanta Thrashers tickets.

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Q: Where can you buy Atlanta Thrashers tickets?
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Where can one purchase Thrashers tickets?

Tickets to watch the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team play are available through major ticket agencies such as Ticketmaster, Frontrow and Showmetickets. They sometimes are listed on eBay and Craigslist.

When was Atlanta Thrashers created?

Atlanta Thrashers was created in 1999.

When did Atlanta Thrashers end?

Atlanta Thrashers ended in 2011.

Is Atlanta thrashers a good rated website for buying tickets for sports events?

Alanta Thrashes is a fantastic rated website for buying tickets for sporting events. I've personally bought tickets to events there and they are very swell.

Who is the captain of the Atlanta Thrashers?

its Getzlaf

When was the last time the Atlanta Thrashers won the Stanley cup?

The Atlanta Thrashers never won the Stanley Cup while they were in Atlanta. They were moved to Winnipeg in 2011 and renamed the Jets.

When did Atlanta thrashers move to Winnipeg?

this summer

What is the name of Atlanta Georgia's National Hockey League team?

Atlanta Thrashers.

What team did the Winnipeg Jets replace?

Atlanta Thrashers

What arena do the Atlanta Thrashers play in?

Phillips Arena

Starting golie for the Atlanta thrashers?

Ondrej Pavelec

What team did Winnipeg jets replace?

Atlanta Thrashers