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Where can you buy an Ithaca Model 51?


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2011-03-19 01:12:32
2011-03-19 01:12:32

From me if you want the fancy grade with the golden pheasant in the grip cap, vent rib, and good condition.


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I would buy one for about $250 $350

Send me your email & I'll send you a scan of the Ithaca model 51 exploded view & bolt buffer.

An Ithaca model 51 magnum 3 inch shotgun is worth $275-$325, depending on condition.

If the Model 51 is in very good condition it should bring $250 - $300.

go to a sight ==New Answer == Or look on I have seen these barrels there frequently.

Technically they are both "Featherweight", but the Deerslayer had a shorter barrel with rifle sights for shooting slugs or buckshot. It could also be fitted with a scope.

The Model 37 is a pump gun, and the 51 is a semi-automatic. I doubt seriously that the barrels are interchangeable, since they are totally different models.

This model sells anywhere from 250 dollars to 500 dollars. The determining factors are, as always what kind of condition the firearm is in.

Depends on where you try to sell it. For example, try and take it to a Gander Mountain and they'll tell how great of a gun it is (which I agree) but will then tell you that they have a policy in place to not buy Ithaca model 51's. The reason is the replacement parts are too expensive; thus making the gun, in there eyes, essentially worthless. Consider it a "niche" market. Someone has to be looking for THAT gun, not just A gun.

I have been looking for a synthetic set also. They don't exist. I've even tried the new Ithaca manufacturers. No luck.

Yes I have one and am loking for a deer barel for it.

how do you disassemble a model 49 ithaca 22 rifle

Well, first of all the serial number given is for a model 37 and not the model 51. All model 51s serial number begin with 5100. Since your begins with 37 would you not believe that it is a model 37. Your model 37 was mfg circa 1975.

I would try Numrich gun parts corp.they may be found on the web.

Ithaca produced this model between 1958 and 1964.

I have an Ithaca model 100 shotgun . It appraised for $700.

The serial number indicates Ithaca manufactured your Model 37 in 1956.

If it is in good shape it's probably worth between $250-$300. Look on and see what they are selling for.

your 1911 was made by Ithaca in 1943

how much is an Ithaca model 37 shotgun worth in fair condition

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