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Closest you can get is the m99 from JG or Snow Wolf. I'm sure with a little ingenuity you can make the m99 look like the m95. only difference between the two is the mag.

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Q: Where can you buy an M95 barrett airsoft sniper rifle?
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What is the best sniper rifle in bad company 2?

GOL has max accuracy. M95 has max damage. First sniper has more damage than GOL but less than M95 and has more accuracy than M95 but less than GOL.

Is there a Spanish made 50 cal bolt action rifle?

Neither Wikipedia nor shows any indication of any such type of rifle manufactured in Spain. The Spanish military uses the American made Barrett M95 rifle in the heavy sniping role.

How far can a 50 caliber sniper rifle shoot?

There's a few different ones.. the Barrett M81/M107 is probably the most well known. There are also the Barrett M95, Zastava Black Arrow M93, MacMillan Tac-50, and others. Contrary to popular belief, the .50 BMG is not the most powerful cartridge used in a sniping/anti-material rifle - in fact, it pales in comparison to some of the others, such as the 14.5x115 cartridge used in the Gepard G3 and Denel NTW, or the 20x110 cartridge used by the RT-20 and Denel NTW-20x110.

What is Battlefield bad company 2 best sniper rifle?

Well it depends on if you are playing hardcore. Otherwise the M95 is the best, being a magnum sniper. Also use magnum ammo to increase damage on it. Now you See if you are playing Hardcore then basically all of them are the best because they are one shot one kill so the best would probably the VSS SNYPERA but if you need the best accuracy then you would/will want the GOL sniper.

How many stars in the M95 galaxy?


What model of rifle makes a great long distance rifle?

Kinda depends on how long of a distance you had in mind. The Remington 700 is a great rifle, and, depending on cartridge, it can reach out and touch something at 1000 metres. If you need to go further than that, a .50 rifle, like the MacMillan Tac-50, Barret M82, Barret M95, etc. might be more to your liking.

What are some sniper gun names?

M40, M24, Sako TRG, Accuracy International Arctic Warfare, Knight's Armament SR-25, Knight's Armament M-110 SASS (Semi Auto Sniper System), Barret M82/M107, Barret M95, MacMillan Tac-50, Mosin-Nagant M91/30 PU, Denel NTW...

Where are the weopans in battelfield bad company 2 PC version?

Assault: AEK-971 Vintovka, XM8 Prototype , F2000 Assault, Stg.77 AUG, AN-94 Abakan, M416, M16A2, M16A2- SPECACT Medic- PKM LMG, M429 SAW, Type 88 LMG, M60 LMG, XM8 LMG, MG36, MG3, MG3-SPECACT Engineer-9A-91 AVTOMAT, SCAR-L Carbine, XM8 Compact, AKS-74u Krinkov, Uzi, PP-2000 AVTOMAT, UMP-45, UMP-45-SPECACT Recon- M24 Sniper Rifle, Type 88 Sniper Rifle, SV98 Snaiperskaya, SVU Snaiperskaya Short, GOL Sniper Magnum, VSS Snaiperskaya Special, MP5 Sniper, M95 Sniper-SPECACT All Kits- M9 Pistol, 870 Combat Shotgun, Saiga 20k Semi Shotgun, MP-443 Grach Pistol, WWII M1911 .45 Pistol, WWII M1A1 Thompson, MP-412 Rex Pistol, M93R Burst Pistol, SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun, M14, Neostead 2000 Combat Shotgun, G3, USAS-12 Automatic Shotgun, WWII M1 Garand (Veterans Only)

Was the STEYR M95 used in combat?

If you mean the Steyr-Mannlicher M1895, yes. See link below.

What are the gun camos in bad company 2?

There are none. At least, none that you can intentionally equip. Based on the map you are playing on, some of the sniper rifles will have different camos, resembling either woodland or desert from Modern Warfare 2. There is DLC you can buy called the SPECACT packs for each kit, which gives the highest gun in its kit a new camo (M16, UMP45, M95, and MG36).

Where is the M95 in battlefield bad company in campaign?

on the level before snow blind when the pilot drops you off. you follow the squad and when you go up the stairs you will see something that looks like a guard tower and when you go up there you will find it.

What are all of the weapons solders used in world war 1?

Americans: Springfield M1917 (carbine), Colt 1911 (pistol), Browning M1917 (heavy machine gun) Browning Automatic Machine gun (BAR: machine gun), 1895/1914 Colt-Browning (machine gun), Lewis (machine gun), Marlin Gun (machine gun), Thompson (machine gun)Germans: Mauser Gewehr 98 (rifle), Luger Parabellum M17 (pistol), Maxim (heavy machine gun), Bergmann MG15 nA (machine gun), Bergmann MP18 (machine gun), Maschinengewehr (heavy machine gun)French: Lebel 8 mm (rifle), Berthier Fusil d'Infanterie Modele 1907 (rifle), Pistole Revolveur Modele 1892 (revolver), Benet-Mercie (machine gun), Chauchat (machine gun), St Etienne (heavy machine gun),British: Lee-Enfeild (rifle), Webley Mk IV (revolver), Vicker's (heavy machine gun)Austria: Mannlicher Gewehr M95 (carbine), Steyer Automatic (pistol), Schwarzlose (machine gun)Romania: Steyer Automatic (pistol)Hungary: Mannlicher Gewehr M95 (carbine), Steyer Automatic (pistol), Schwarzlose (machine gun)Belgium: Browning (revolver)Italy: 1910 Glisenti 9mm automatic (pistol)Russia: What ever they could find for pistols and riffles, Pulemyot Maxima (heavy machine gun)--Many of the weapons were shared among allied powers (the Chauchat for one was also used by U.S. and British troops). There were also assortments of grenades, tanks, artillery, flamethrowers, mines, bayonets, and poison gas weapons used.