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it is illegal...sadly ):

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Q: Where can you buy cloud 9 bath salt in Louisiana?
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Who did we buy Louisiana from?

The Louisiana was bought from France.

Did Andrew Jackson buy The Louisiana Purchase?

No it was Thomas Jefferson who bought the Louisiana Territory.

When did the US buy the land from The Louisiana Purchase?


Which country did US buy the Louisiana territory from?


What are the price comparisons for an Ethernet router in Louisiana?

There are several price for the ethernet router in Louisiana. It depends on the store one will buy. However, the price comparisons for an ethernet router in Louisiana is around $35.

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Where do you buy bath salt?

where to buy sea salts

Where to buy bath salt?

You can buy bath salts at most pharmacies or supermarkets. You can buy bath salt online at They make it with natural ingredients.

Where to buy the bath salt drug?

One can purchase Cloud 9 bath salts over the internet. However, these bath salts are actually drugs that can have dangerous and even deadly side effects. Many states are outlawing the sales of this product, and it is not wise to use 'bath salts' to get high.

Where in illinois can you still buy bath salt?

I believe Bath & Body Works sells some beautifully fragranced bath salts.

Where can you buy starry nights bath salt?


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Try - type in cool wave and you should find it.

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Can you buy any legal bath salt in ft worth tx?

you can buy body powder ( same thing) at the gas pipe ...all locations

Who did we buy Louisiana from?

The Louisiana was bought from France.

Which of these foreign policy decisions was made by President Thomas Jefferson?

To but the Louisiana Territory from Fance