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Home Depot 50lb bags are $3.48 for the morton salt solar kiln dried at least in seattle Look for 99.8% pure Sodium Chloride (NaCl) without Iodine or the Anti-Caking additive, Yellow Prussiate of Soda (YPS). Iodine and YPS can cause a localized tint to the water or yellow staining on the cementitious finish if allowed to rest undissolved on the finish for extended periods of time. AutoSoft Plus™ is blended with the proper amount of stabilizer to maintain a proper level within the recommended range when added according to the salt chart on the box. Granular Salt, Table Salt, Solar Salt or Water Conditioner Pellets can also be used but will have different dissolve rates. If the salt you use contains Iodine or YPS, constant brushing will help the dissolve rate and prevent staining due to the additives in

the salt. Ensure that the salt you use contain a minimum purity of 99% Sodium Chloride (NaCl).

NOTE: Do not use Rock Salt due to its high levels of impurities.

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Q: Where can you buy the salt used in swimming pools?
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You can use either type of salt, but the salt for pools is better because it dissolves very quickly. 40 lbs bags cost around $6 at major home improvement chains. It is highly recommended to use nothing but pool salt for chlorine generated pools. YOU CAN NOT USE "EITHER" TYPE OF SALT!!! To save a few cents per bag of salt will cost you an arm and a leg in repairs to damaged equipment ( salt generator). Swimming pools and related equipment do not do well when you cut corners on cost. You may be able to do it on a few items but in the long run it will end up costing you more. USE WHAT IS RECOMMENDED BY THE MANUFACTURER OF THE SALT SYSTEM !

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Salt water systems work by electronically converting part of the salt usually Sodium chloride into chlorine as the filtrations system is working this stop you having to buy and handle chlorine.

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Well the average pH level of a pool should be 7.4 if its any lower or higher it's not safe for swimmers!!!! To disinfect you should take a sample to a pool store they will probably tell you to buy salt. Some chemicals used for the disinfection of pools waters: chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, ozone, etc.

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What are the advantages of salt water pools?

WHen yo speak of salt water pools, I am assuming you are speaking of a salt chlorinated pool. Pools that use salt as a means of chlorination have a few advantages. The feel of the water: The water in a salt chlorinated pool feels really soft on the skin. Smell: The water does not have the heavy smell of chlorine. Your clothes and skin do not smell like wchlorine when you get out of the water. Cost: You do not have to buy chlorine and add it daily. Instead you buy a salt chlorinator and the salt chlorinator turns the salt into chlorine. Maintenance is much lower. You still have to check for pH and monitor the other chemical, but overall it is much easier to maintain. Eyes: Your eyes in a salt chlorinator pool do not get red. The soft water feels really good on the eyes. The salt in the water is so little you do not taste or smell the salt. It is nothing like the ocean. Goldline is most popular brand when it comes to salt chlorination. They make a 20, 000 gallon version and a 40,000 gallon version. The 40,000 gallon version is the best value. The unit works great and it is a very reliable unit. The unit goes by the name of Aqua Rite, swimpure plus, or aqua Rite pro. All are great units. They are owned by Hayward Pool Products the largest manufacturer of residential swimming pool equipment in the United States. Check out site at, While it is great to discuss the advantages of salt water pools, the disadvantages must also be weighed. Namely: * Still swimming in chemicals/chlorine. * Still have to haul salt. * Not environmentally friendly - backwash from pool can kill plant life and sterilize soil. * Not cheap to maintain -Have to replace the salt cell every 3-5 years at a cost of $400+. * Not cheap to operate - Salt water pools will use an average of 500 watts of AC power for a 20,000 gallon pool. * Can be hard on pool equipment and accessories including vinyl liners, automated pool covers and solar covers. For more details on disadvantages of salt water pools please see:

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You can visit CC Pools and Spas in Atlanta Georgia for replacement pool chemicals. You can also check out your local walmart or home depot.

Where can you buy solar salt for a swimming pool in Greensboro North Carolina?

The Big Box stores carry it as do smaller hardware stores and pool stores.