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Q: Where can you cash a government disability check if you don't have an account anywhere?
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When appling for disability do they check your bank account?

No, the content of your bank account has no relevance to your eligibility for disability payments. What they want to know is, are you actually disabled, and do you have disability insurance. That is what counts.

Where can one cash a government disability check if one doesn't have an account anywhere?

Some banks have agreements with some state governments to allow recipients of government checks to cash them at those banks. You should check with the government agency that issued your check to find if any bank will negotiate the check for you as a non-customer. If there are no banks with an agreement with the government agency to cash your check, you would have to try a check cashing service. You can often find these in the phone book under financial services. Many grocery stores and large box stores will also cash checks for you. Typically a fee will apply at these places.

where can I cash a disability check, without having a bank account?

Open the bank account or go and remove your hair to do this job

What is a government check?

A government check is any negotiable instrument drawn on the account of the funds of any government agency.

Can a bank take money from your social security check or your VA disability check for overdraft?

If the money is deposited into the account that has the overdraft, yes they can recover their monies.

How we can check the fees paid to Saudi government online on iqama account?

There is a way to check the fees paid to the Saudi government online on Iqama account. All you have to do is go online to the government website and follow the link.

In what states can your disability check be garnished?

can the state of maryland garnish my government disability check for back taxes owed the state of maryland ?no they cannot, disability or social security cannot be garnished, Except for child support and Federal TAXES.

Can credit cards that I owe money to and they get a judgment on me attach my bank account when I'm on disability and that's my only income?

I'll assume you are speaking of a disability check from the United States government. Typically those cannot be attached. However, and it may be a hair split, if that check is deposited in a bank, the bank account might be susceptible to an attachement. You should consult an attorney specific to your state and see what he says. Or, if you are vey concerned, you can simply have your check sent to you, and cash it at a check cashing place. There is a modest fee, usually a dollar or so, but that is better than losing all.

What does oao mean when it is written on a government check for a deceased person?

On Account Of

You are on disability and have deposited too much in myTransit Commuter Benefits account Can you recover this pre-tax money?

Probably not--check with a CPA.

Where can you cash a 9000.00 government check without a bank account?


Can a check made out to a husband and wife be deposited only to the husband's bank account?

It can be deposited anywhere.