Where can you download Pixel Shader 1.1?

Pixel shader 1.1 (and later variants) are hard-coded into the video card and its drivers. If you have a fast processor and a good amount of ram, you may be able to get around the pixel shader requirement by downloading "3DAnalyze" and "Swiftshader 2.0" to emulate pixel shader.

More likely, the best option is for you to simply replace your video card with one which has native support for pixel shader. The above answer is dead on target! Let me add to this fire....... Although there are work-arounds to the pixel shader, it is ill-advised to download a patch or third party software to achieve what comes nativley in the newer vidio cards. The compitition is so tough in the industry, what would have been a top of the line video card last month, is now the cheapest card on the shelf! Remember that even if you do get a third party software to achieve what it is that you want in a display, the OS and computer will have to work harder to maintain the demands of not only the third party software, but any additional workload that the software generates. Memory allocation is reduced because the demand of the third party software is memory intensive. Thus, reduced performance. Emulatores do not work with every game, applications or systems. Not to mention, calling on the drivers to perform out of their scope, can also lead to corrupt system files and fragmentation of the system partition. Emulators temporarily "change" critical system and driver files per demand, to allow the system to adapt to the new drivers and dll files offered by the emulator. After the emulator is no longer needed, some times, the files don't get "put back" or restored to the defaults, and you have a mess on your hands! Listen to the answerer above, and get a new card! You need to get a better graphics card. However there is a way around it.


has a tutorial for getting over the problem Pixel Shader is a hardware capability. Therefore, it is not possible to download it - it must be supported by the graphics card. To answer your question directly, you will need to install a graphics card that supports Pixel Shaders to be able to run games which need it. Most modern games utilize Pixel Shader 2.0 or greater, so it would not be advisable to purchase older ones. The following cards support Shader Model 1.x: - ATI Radeon 85xx Series (1.4) - ATI Radeon 9000 Series (1.4) - ATI Radeon 9100 Series (1.4) - ATI Radeon 92xx Series (1.4) - NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti (1.1) - NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti (1.3) The following cards support Shader Model 2.0: - ATI Radeon 95xx Series - ATI Radeon 96xx Series - ATI Radeon 9700 Series - ATI Radeon 9800 Series - ATI Radeon X7xx Series (2.0b) - ATI Radeon X8xx Series (2.0b) - NVIDIA GeForceFX Series (2.0a) The following cards support Shader Model 3.0: - ATI Radeon X1x00 Series - NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series - NVIDIA GeForce 7 Series The Vertex Shader and Pixel Shader are hardware capabilities, and therefore cannot be downloaded. A new graphics card, with the Vertex Shader and Pixel Shader technology, is the way to solve the problem. However, an Emulator can be downloaded in order to use games that require it. These programs are hard to find, and are mostly slow.