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Q: Where can you download gta sa models folder?
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Where is the skins folder in gta sa?

well, you have to install cleo 3 in GTA SA directory. after that u can manually create skin floder into the cleo folder.. skin folder is not generally required. all you have to do for installing cleo mods 'into' your GTA SA game is to copy ''cs file''(from your downloaded cleo mods folder) into the cleo folder, u also need to copy and replace ''DFF'' & ''TXD'' file into ''gta3'' system file(you can find gta3 file in the models folder of your game directory. NOTE: before that you have to install ''img editor versions 1.5 or greater'' to open such system file). thank you

In gta sa how can you get a dropship?

Download a Skin for hydra

Where can you download gta sa for the PC?

my long d1ck

Is the gta sa xbox 360 download a demo?


Is it a cheat for you to download a mod on gta sa on ps2?


Install mod Grand Theft Auto sa samp?

download it and Install SA-MP to the same folder as GTA SA open sa mp and click servers/add server type url/name select server and connect go on and have fun!

How do you install gta sa Superman mod?

You must put all its contents to your gta sa folder

How does cj get dreads gta sa?

download it on pc guys

What is the mod for zombies in GTAsa?

two ways one is easy go to gta sa mods page 2 name was bio hazard alert find download and done then install game location and play two find cleo for gta sa google download then go to mods cleo modification go to page 16 find zombie mod download then open mod folder redme folow readme copy the file past to cleo folder done

Batmobile gta sa?

Well,then you will have to download somekinda mod :P

How do you make your on mission on gta sa?

Download design your own mission

Where can you download grand theft auto sa for free?

Just google it gta sa torrent downlaod