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177C06080032 this is the shiny encounter code but this only works for emerald....really sorry

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โˆ™ 2008-01-21 22:27:34
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Q: Where can you find Code Breaker codes for shiny Pokemon?
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Is there any Pokemon ruby code breaker codes for shiny Pokemon?


What are the codes for shiny Pokemon in Pokemon defence?

This week, 381rm1n4 is the code for Shiny CHARMANDER!

What are the Pokemon pearl codes for all Pokemon shiny?

The code for shiny Pokemon is: 12068AC6 00004600 But Pokemon don't stay shiny when the code is off. Hoped this helps. =)

Pokemon Sapphire code breaker codes?


Pokemon emerald shiny code?

sorry but there are no shiny Pokemon codes they do not exist right now

How do you use the shiny Pokemon code?

There are codes available for Action Replay that allows you to get shiny Pokemon. You can't input the code normally.

How do you get Shiny Pokemon using AR MAX codes?

Shiny PokemonThe same way you get all the rest; enter a shiny Pokemon code. make sure you have the master code enabled.

Where can you find code breaker codes for pearl Pokemon? or search Google for codebreaker codes Pokemon pearl

How do you get the shiny code for i-cheat?

type St67 then write the Pokemon code you had after it with no spaces ( edit codes to find it ) then you will find shiny Pokemon of your choice

Who has ar codes for pearl?

I do! here is a code for shiny Pokemon: it turns party Pokemon, wild Pokemon, and PC Pokemon shiny. it is: 12068AC6 000046C0

Shiny wild Pokemon cheat for Pokemon soul silver?

you have to have an a code so just search upShiny wild Pokemon codes

What are some good codes for diamond?

The Shiny code and the Pokemon modifier

What is the action replay code to get a shiny Zoroark in Pokemon Black Version?

You can go to and get codes to have wild Pokemon be shiny and you can use the wild Pokemon modifier code to make it the Pokemon you want :)

What is the AR cheat code to make your Pokemon shiny even if the code is turned off on Pokemon diamond?

What you are saying is the "Permanent" shiny Pokemon code, which is not available, but the code for temporary code is available. Go onto a website to look for codes like the "shiny" code or onto Youtube.

Code breaker codes for kingdom hearts 2?

There are no code breaker codes for this game.

What are the Pokemon tower defense codes?

The shiny rattatta code for Pokemon tower defense is 01543on4

What is the code to get shiny darkrai in actionreplay in Pokemon diamond?

There are a few codes that can be used to get a Shiny Darkrai in Pokemon Diamond. Codes include E000DF34 00000088 and F0E0B382 91BE4C39 as of 2014.

How do you get shiny Pokemon ar codes?

You can get a code for shiny Pokemon on the internet for sure,but im sorry i don't know the website. i hope i helped.

Shiny Pokemon cheat in Pokemon emerald?

Here's the code: F3A9A86D 4E2629B4 18452A7D DDE55BCC Hope this works! NO MORE CODES FOR SHINY!!!

Shiny GSSP Code For Emerald?

There are several shiny GSSP codes for Pokemon Emerald. As of 2014 codes include 83007CF6 0010 and 83007CF6 0011 .

Pokemon shiny Pokemon action replay ds codes?

The shiny code {press L+R+select}12068ac6 000046c0Makes Pokemon in your box, wild, trainers etc. shiny

What is the action replay code for all shiny Pokemon in Pokemon white?

your answer and more for AR codes... @

Pokemon diamond shiny Pokemon action replay ds codes?

this shiny Pokemon code is not permanent if you take the action replay out but here is the code:12068ac6 000046c0tested and it works!No buttons needed.

What is the code to get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl using Action Replay Max?

Just go on Code junkies and click on Saves and Codes type in your pokemon game and all the cheat codes will be there.

How do you get the Pokemon shiny code for Pokemon Diamond?

go to that's were i get all my shiny codes scroll down a little to get to the cheats. i hope you get what you nee.

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