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they are.

you just have to look for cheats for Pokemon ruby version. (:

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Q: Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon orange?
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How do you get gameshark codes for Pokemon orange?

Pokemon orange is not an official licensed Pokemon or Nintendo game, so search it on Google and you should find a website if there are any codes at all

Where can you find gameshark codes for Pokemon Gold?

in neoseeker type Pokemon gold and there is a word gameshark and then click on the word and there gameshark codes

Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon FireRed the European version?

You can find the gameshark codes for Pokemon Fire Red the European version by following the website:

Where can you find GameShark codes for Pokemon Naranja?


Cheat codes for Pokemon yellow?

You can find gameshark codes at

What are some cheats for Pokemon Yellow?

You can find Gameshark codes at

Gameshark codes for Pokemon light platinum?

how did u make the four kecleons move in route 210 light platinum shinnoh?? Well,if u have Pokemon light platinum for gba,,,use Pokemon ruby gameshark codes. IT WORKS...TRY IT.

How do you use codes for cheats in Pokemon firered and leafgreen?

You will need a Action Replay(or it might be Gameshark) and you can find codes on Google.

Where you can find gameshark codes for Pokemon liquidcrystal for visual boy advance?

Pokemon Liquid Crystal is a hacked version of Pokemon Fire Red, So all gameshark codes that work on fire red will work on liquid crystal too, and it does work but I would advice you not use the codes because it can, I mean there is a possibility that the ROM will get corrupted use it but dont overuse, disable them when not required the game becomes less interesting if you use codes Have fun playing it you can find gameshark codes at

What does a GameShark do in Game Boy advance?

-first it inserts codes into the game that your using ex. pokemon -it inserts codes that you cant find anywhere else -it has cheats for any game Gameshark Pwns!! Ty

Where are Pokemon emerold gameshark cheat codes for GBA sp?

You cant find any gamesharks anymore.:) Hope this helps

Is there a way to get additional masterballs on Pokemon Sapphire using a Gameshark or Action Replay?

yes there are codes but im still trying to find them