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Q: Where can you find Honda ECU schematics?
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Where is the ECU located on a 2003 Honda?

where is the ecu located on a honda accord 2003

Where exactly can you find ecu main chip on Honda civic 95 coupe sohc engine d15b7 101 hp?

The main chip of a 1995 Honda Civic is found inside the ECU. The chip is clipped on, on the upper left side of the ECU.

Where can you find the Honda p06 ecu wiring diagram?

because i troble suit the po6 box

Where can you find the schematics for the brake pedal of a 1987 Honda accord?

register at Then log in and download the manual. it is free

Where is ecu on Honda crx?

The ECU on 1988-1991 Honda CRX cars is located under the carpet at the passenger's feet. Four bolts hold a metal panel covering the ECU.

Where is the ECU located for a 2000 Honda accord ex?

The ECU of a 2000 Honda Accord can be found on the passenger side of the cabin. Under the footwell will be a steel case which protects and holds the ECU unit.

Where can you find an ECU replacement for a 1986 Honda Civic Si?

At any auto parts store or auto salvage yard. The ECU is also called a PCM. The computer of the vehicle.

Honda Accord 1994 have obd?

the 1994 Honda accord has an obd2 ecu.

Where is the location of ECU in Honda CR-V 1999?

The ECU is located inside the footwell of the passenger side of the cabin. To find it remove the carpet from underneath the passenger side dash.

Where is the ecu located on Honda 1990 Honda Accord?

The ECU is under the carpet on the passenger side front seat (under the dashboard area where you rest your feet).

What are the electrical schematics for the Honda 450 nighthawk rear light?

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How fast does a Honda Accord go?

Honda Accords are governed at 120 mph by the ECU.

Where is the ecu on a 2004 Honda Accord?

In the engine by the battery

Where can i find Wiring schematics for a 1999 Nissan sentra gxe?

which wiring schematics do you need?

Where can you get a ecu wiring diagram for Honda b20b?

In order to get a ecu wiring diagram from a Honda b20b it is best to visit a local Honda dealer. The service center maybe able to assist you with providing you with the diagram needed.

Honda Civic 1989 over reving?

If a Honda Civic is over revving than there may be a problem with the ECU. One of the functions of the ECU is to prevent the engine from over revving.

How do you reset check engine light on Honda civic 1994?

To reset the check engine light on a 1994 Honda Civic locate the fuse box in the engine compartment. Find the ECU fuse and pull it off for at least 5 seconds. This will erase all codes on the ECU.

Where you can find an ecu for an 1988-'91 Honda civic ex with automatic transmission the ecu you are looking for is a ps9?

Black box top of engine on side, lid lifts up, fuses below.

Do you have a 1979 750 Honda Carburetor schematic?

Go to and they have alot of schematics you can use.

What are the Wiring schematics for 1998 Honda civic to install a remote starter?

The labeling of the wires is a key factor for a good installation. The remote starter has the wiring schematics when opened.

Where is Ecu in 2006 Honda Accord?

its behind centre consol

What ecu will fit the 1987 Acura integra rs?

Well the 1987 Honda crx si ECU is interchangable with the 1987 Integra ECU, plugs rite up

How do I reset the ECU in my 2000 Honda Civic ex?

How i reset the computer on Honda civic ex 2.000

Where can you find schematics for a 1994 Honda Civic LX heating and cooling wiring?

Yeah, that would be in the Haynes Manual, avail at your local library or auto parts store.

How can you find out if an ECU is bad on a 1990 Honda accord with a 2.2 motor can not get spark?

Many auto parts retailers can test it for you if you remove it and take it in.