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Where can you find Mantyke in Ruby?

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Not available in that generation of games. Mantyke is a Diamond/Pearl pokemon.

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Where can you find Mantyke?

u can find mantyke between Sunyshore City and the Pokemon league

Where is a mantyke in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can find mantyke on cost of cianwood city

Where can I find mantyke in Pokemon platinum?

You can find mantyke while u surf to victory road :). in sunyshore city.

What rod do you have to use to catch Mantyke in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You can't fish up Mantyke. You have to surf to find it. Try Route 223.

How do you get a mantyke in leafgreen?

You can't mantyke doesn't exist in leafgreen.

Where can you find the evolved form of mantyke in platinum?

Mantine is not available in the wild in Platinum.

What type of Pokemon is Mantyke?

Mantyke is a Water and Flying type pokemon.

How do you evolve mantyke?

A guide to evolving Mantyke.Step 1: Have both the Mantyke and the Remoraid.Step 2: Put both in your party.Step 3: Now you have to level up the mantyke by 1,2 or 3 levels.

How to evolve mantyke?

A guide to evolving Mantyke.Step 1: Have both the Mantyke and the Remoraid.Step 2: Put both in your party.Step 3: Now you have to level up the mantyke by 1,2 or 3 levels.

What level does mantyke evolve?

Just have a Mantyke and a Remoraid in your party and level up your Mantyke twice (I Perfer using Rare Candies) Hope this helped.

How does mantyke envole in Pokemon diamond?

You need to level the Mantyke up with a Remoraid in your party.

Where exactly do you get a mantyke in Pokemon diamond?

you can get a mantyke above sunnyshore city on the water surface.

How do you evolve mantyke on Pokemon Diamond?

all u hav to do to evolve a mantyke is hav a remoraid in your party then lv. mantyke by 1 n it will evolve. it is that simple lol Type in the search bar, how do you evolve a mantyke in Pokemon diamond shadowthiefdark answer.

How do you evolve mantyke in Pokemon pearl?

What you do is put mantyke in your party and then put a feebas next to it and level up the mantyke and it should evolve. Put remoraid in your party not feebas.

How do you evolve Mantyke in Pokemon Platinum?

u should have a remoraid in your party and level up mantyke

What level does Mantyke learn Bounce at?

Both Mantyke and Mantine learn Bounce at level 40

How do you evovle mantyke in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Catch a Remoraid. Keep it in your party as you level up Mantyke.

What is the national pokedex number for Mantyke?

Mantyke is #458 in the national pokedex, and it is a Water type Pokemon.

How do you get mantyke in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Mantyke was unavailable prior to generation 4 games. So Mantyke cannot be found in LeafGreen or Fire Red only its evolved form Mantine.

Where do you find mantine in Pokemon platinum?

You must evolve MAntyke using a remoraid. When your mantyke will level up, it'll evolve. You still have your remoraid. im a different person if u don't feel like catching anything there is a trainer on the way to the victory road there is a boy swimmer named Oscar who has a remoraid, mantyke, and mantine.

When does myntike evolve?

Mantyke can only evolve when leveled up like this:Have Mantyke, remoraid, and three other Pokemon in you party. Have mantyke first in the party. Level it up. There! You have a mantine!

Where do you find nidoran in ruby?

You cannot find Nidoran in Pokemon Ruby.

How do you get mantyke in Pokemon HeartGold?

In HeartGold, give a Mantine the Wave Incense and breed it. The egg with hatch into a Mantyke.

What level does mantyke evolve in Pokemon Black?

Mantyke do not evolve by level in Pokemon Black or any other Pokemon Game. Mantyke evolve when leveled up while a remoraid is also in your party.

Were do you find Gary in ruby version?

you cant find him in Pokemon ruby instead you find may.

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