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try they might have parts

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Q: Where can you find a bolt for a Stevens model 58 410?
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Where can I find a bolt action assembly for a Stevens Model 59A 410?

There is 1 on gunbroker.comStevens Mod 39A / 59 A,B,C .410 shotgun bolt Auction # 147552744

When was the Stevens model 580 410 bolt action shotgun manufactured?


What is the value of a Stevens 410 model 59A bolt action?


What is the age and value of a 410 J Stevens Model 54 A shotgun?

I am looking for the same thing. I have a J. Stevens model 54 in .410 that my grandfather left me and cannot find any info on this shotgun. It is bolt action with a cocking knob on the rear of the bolt. Any info would be appreciated.

Where can you find information on a bolt action 410 shotgun with a clip?

Mossberg or Savage/Stevens? Any particular model?

Where can you find parts for a Stevens Bolt action 410- model 39A?

You can find most of the parts at e-gunparts, to find them do a google search of "e-gunparts".

Where can you find a clip for a Stevens 410 bolt action model 58c shotgun?

"this is a lever actun not a bolt" Incorrect. The Stevens Model 58C 410 Shotgun is a bolt action. I think that the store at the following link has magazines in stock:

What is the value of a Stevens Savage 410 model 51 single shot bolt action?

i had a model 51 410 shotgun given to me and wanted to learn about its value

How much is a J Stevens bolt action 410 model 59A shotgun worth?

@ 100 USD

Where can Manuals for Stevens Model 416 a bolt action 22LR and a Stevens Model 77E a 410 pump shotgun be found?

Stevens and Springfield merged with Savage. Check customer service at Savage arms.

What is the value of a Stevens 410 model 58b?

value of stevens 410 58b

What is the value of a 410 g shotgun model 10125?

Bolt action made by Savage/Stevens. $75-$125.