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There is a fellow in Bozeman Montana, I believe his last name is Higgins

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โˆ™ 2007-02-17 21:32:56
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Q: Where can you find a gunsmith who can repair a Tobin shotgun?
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Where can I find shotgun repair for a Revelation Model 325 20 gage shotgun?

The 325B is a Mossberg 385k. any good shotgun gunsmith can repair it.

How can you find out what type of shotgun do you have?

Inquire with a competent gunsmith.

Clean and repair of the colt challenger?

Find a gunsmith

How do you fix a 12 gauge pump shotgun?

Find a qualified gunsmith and let him/her fix it. Find a qualified gunsmith and let him/her fix it.

Instructions to put together 410 shotgun?

You need to find a gunsmith.

How do you repair a 32cal?

Send it back to the maker or find a gunsmith.

Do you repair model157 22 rifles?

You need to find a gunsmith.

How t o you fix 1500 xtr shotgun?

Find a good gunsmith.

Where can you buy parts for a Riverside Arms shotgun?

Try your local gunsmith. The Riverside is a Stevens shotgun. If you can find out which model it is, you can probably find the wood at Numrich Gunparts

Where can you purchase parts for Victor single shot shotguns?

This shotgun was probably made by Crescent, so your local gunsmith can probably find one in his parts pile. Or, if there are no missing pieces, he can repair yours.

Where can you get replacement foring pins for a liege double barrel shotgun?

Find a good gunsmith and machinist.

Where can you get a stock for a tobins shot gun side by side?

The only place you will get a stock for a Tobin shotgun is to find one off of another Tobin. They are very hard to find. Be advised that if you find one it will most likely require fitting to your gun as they were hand fitted.

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