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"Where can you find a new or used camper or trailer that someone would be willing to donate to you and your two young sons?"$First?OpenDocument&redirect=1

2006-08-17 00:26:35
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How do you find businesses willing to donate to your fund-raiser?


can I donate a small utility trailer I would need it picked up also.?

You can donate anything, but the company probably will not come pick it up.

Can you be ten to donate a kidney to someone who is dying?

At the age of 10 you are a child and it is not legal to donate a kidney to someone.

Who can donate blood to whom?

you can donate it to someone with the same blood type as you

Slogan on eye donation?

donate eyes ,donate life. donate your eyes and give someone sight

How do you use are willing to in a sentence?

Many people are willing to donate money to worthy causes. Some tourists are willing to hike all the way to the top of the mountain.

What can you do about homelessness?

donate to charity and perhaps even start your own funding. Rally up friends and collect money from other generous people, surely someone will be willing to help

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No. Someone who has B blood can only donate to someone with AB blood and B blood. Someone with O blood can only take O blood.

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Donations can be taken to local red cross offices and donate from there or do so online.

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A person with A positive blood can donate blood to someone with AB positive blood. Someone with AB positive blood cannot donate blood to someone with A positive blood.

Can someone with blood group AB donate kidney to blood group A and B?

no only O type can donate to others

Can someone who has the blood type B negative donate blood to someone who is O positive?

No, only someone with Blood type O can donate to a person with Blood type O. Blood type B negative can donate to anyone with blood type B (positive or negative) and blood type AB.

How can you save the iriomote cat?

donate money to someone who breeds them

What do you get when you donate your hair to Locks of Love?

Happiness, that you helped someone.

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If someone are infected std disease means they will transmitted to that person if they have use the eye from donate.

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yes of course! Improved Answer: There is no "of course" about it. If someone has certain illnesses or infections they cannot donate. If there is family history of kidney problems they wont be able to donate. It will be up to the hospital to determine whether a person is healthy enough to donate.

How to convince myself to donate my hair?

Think of all the people without hair or losing their hair. What if that was you? Wouldn't you want someone to donate their hair to you?

What kind of crime is it for someone to donate urine for a drug test?


Is it possible to donate a used car?

Yes, it is possible to donate a used car. One could donate a used car from charity, or give it to someone for free. Donating a used car is usually free to do.

Can someone donate islet cells?

Someone can donate islet cells through his donor pancreas. The islets are infused into the liver of the patient. Islet cell transplantation is an experimental treatment for type 1 diabetes mellitus.

If you dont want presents for your birhday where is a good place to donate to?

You can donate it to a retail store, or just give it to someone. You can find retail stores in towns.

Is anyone willing to seriously donate 1 million coins to me on runescape My username is Apa Wyndward add me?

Why would I donate my hard-earned cash to a random stranger? Why would anybody? It just doesn't make sense.

Where to donate a flute?

As an elementary and middle school band director, I know that your local elementary, middle, or high school would bend over backwards to be able to get any instruments that you would be willing to donate. It helps tremendously!