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Where can you find a trigger guard for a 258A?

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Try gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops, want ads.

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The trigger guard is available from Numrich Gun Parts. There are two different types of trigger guards for the Savage 6d. The plastic guard that has a inletted area for the trigger guard in the stock and the simple bent metal trigger guard that just screws into the stock wood. Plastic trigger guard is product # 103530U $24.10 Metal guard is product # 10543OAL $11.50

I have a CNC Billet Aluminum tube fed trigger guard for a Winchester model 77. I have then polished or hard black anoidzed.

Yes, just simply buy a double trigger and double trigger guard, open up your marker, remove and replace the old trigger and trigger guard. This link is what your looking for.....copy and paste this link,there you will find your trigger guard for about $11.00 bucks and just about everything else for the 5100....including scematics for it....happy shopping.

Yes, Its tests for 568B/258A wire pinouts.

Cannot find an exact match- but if your trigger guard is black plastic- and especially if it has finger grooves in the tail of the guard- it was probably made by Mossberg. You can order replacement trigger guards from There are 3 different trigger guards- check the photos to see if they match your rifle.

It is a lever inside the trigger guard, forward of the trigger.

Installing trigger guard in H&R Topper 88 single shot shotgun. I am not a professional gunsmith, so your mileage may vary, but this is how I _finally_ got it done. 1. The "trigger extension, the trigger, and the trigger guard have to all line up together, and line up with the pin holes in the receiver when the pin is inserted. It is next to impossible to get them to line up, and keep them lined up. Before in inserted the trigger guard into the receiver, I lined up the trigger, trigger extension, and trigger guard holes. Then I inserted two small splinters of wood from either side as shims and pushed them in tight until the holes stayed lined up. I cut the splinters off even with the outside of the trigger guard. After I inserted the trigger guard in the receiver, I got the trigger guard lined up with the pin hole in the receiver, then I hammered the pin through and drove out the wedges. 2. There are two opposing springs that fit in holes in the trigger guard. The rear one goes to the trigger. The front spring goes to the barrel break release. Leave the front spring out to start. Then after you get the trigger guard back in, you can hold the barrel break release up and drop the front of the trigger guard down just enough to insert the spring through from the front of the receiver.

yes. bottom of grip. front part of trigger guard and on frame in front of trigger guard...........

The model number should be stamped on the barrel just above the trigger guard.

I would start my search at Numrich Gun Parts Corp.

how to remove and replace trigger guard on Harrington Richardson topper shotgun n

At a good gunsmith's shop. Maybe Numrich's Gun Parts (search gunpartscorp) For the complete trigger guard assembly, including trigger, safety, springs, pins etc., you can get it from Numrich, Midway USA, Brownells or direct from Marlin. If it's just the trigger or other individual trigger guard parts you need, you'll have to get those from Numrich for a different model Marlin.

Go to Numrich gun parts corp,they may be found on the web.

The Stevens 84C (Stevens was owned by Savage Arms, and the 84C is the same as the Savage 4C) was made with two different trigger guards during its production life. One was a simple curved steel trigger guard that was mounted to the surface of the stock. The other was a larger cast aluminum alloy trigger guard that fit into an "inlet" (cutout area) on the stock. Both types of trigger guards are still available (in Jan 2012) from Numrich (aka Gun Parts Corp)

Made by Savage/Stevens. We have trigger guards.

Guards the trigger against accidental pressure, and reduces the chance of an accidental firing of the gun.

Example sentence - The gun had a trigger guard on it for safety reasons.

Gun shops,garage sales,gun shows,E-bay etc.

yes a BDL rifle will fit a ADL stock but the trigger guard will not but a new trigger guard can be bought for 20 to 50 dollars and