Where can you find code for a Visual Basic Tic Tac Toe Game?

Answer - Visual Basic tic-tac-toe code

You can find Visual Basic code for ic-tac-toe at John Smiley's website. (Link below.) John Smiley teaches programming-including Visual Basic-and has written a number of books, such as Learn to Program with Visual Basic 6. To get the tic-tac-toe code, you may go to his website. The link(s) are below.

www.johnsmiley.com (main page)


(on this page, scoll down about to the middle of the page and look for the section entitled "Downloads and Sample Projects." It is the 2nd to last link in the section. There should be a link to download it.


For all of your source code needs you should go to :

( http://www.planet-source-code.com/ )

Not only do they have visual basic source codes they also have lot's of other languages as well...I have been using planet source code for about 6 years now,it's never let me down they always have something your looking for...Now you don't have to sign up with them but you should its free,and if you don't sign up thers a 3-5 download limit per day I think cant remember the numbers exactly though...