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You cant. Growlithe is a Kanto pokemon, but you can get it from Fire Red. First, catch it in Fire Red, then trade it to Emerald, then trade it to Ruby.

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Q: Where can you find gowlithe in ruby version?
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Where can you find a gowlithe in Pokemon Yellow version?

Cinnabar mansion

How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.

Were do you find Gary in ruby version?

you cant find him in Pokemon ruby instead you find may.

Where to find cerulean cave in ruby version?

there is no cerulean cave in ruby

How to find marine cave in ruby version?


Where can you find Lugia in pokemon ruby version?

You can find lugia in navel rock

Were do you find midreavus in ruby version?

You cannot find Misdreavus in Pokemon Ruby. To get a Misdreavus you need to trade for one from a copy of Pokemon LeafGreen.

In Pokemon Sapphire where do you find groundoun?

Sadly, you can't catch Groundon is the Sapphire Version, however you can in the Ruby version, you will find him in the same place you find Kyorge in the sapphire version.

Were do you find Kyogre in ruby version?

action replay,gameshark,or codebreaker.

Where do you get master balls in ruby version?

you find it in the team aqua hideout

How do you find they area of elekid on Pokemon ruby version?

there's no elekid

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Mew does not exist in Ruby version.