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It's part of a magic trick called "scotch and soda". The rest of the trick is missing... I think I spent it. These magician's coins are made by private companies from two real coins. They usually sell for $6-$8 in novelty stores and can often be picked up on eBay for less.

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Is there such thing as a dime on one side of a coin and a penny on the other?

yes if the workers screwed up enough to make a dime/penny

Is there a coin smaller than a penny?

a dime

If a penny was printed on a dime and you can barely see the dime imprint under the penny and the dime is the exact size of a penny is it worth anything?

The value to a collector depends on the coin's condition. Show it to a coin dealer.

Which coin has the smallest radius penny nickel dime quarter half dollar or dollar?


Is a dime bigger than a penny?

The dime has a greater value in trade, and greater purchasing power, but the coin is physically smaller than the penny.

What coin does the mint make the most of--the penny nickel the dime or the quarter?

By far it is the penny.

What is the value of a World War 2 coin?

Definitely need more information than what this is. Is it a quarter? Half? Nickel? Penny? Dime? What condition is it in?

Which is heavier a US Dime or a British 1 Penny coin?

The current US Dime weighs 2.268 grams. The current British Penny weighs 3.56 grams.

You have an old coin with a dime on one side and a penny on the other how much is it worth?

It's a novelty coin, manufactured for the close-up magic crowd. You can purchase them from novelty shops and there is no special value. If you look closely at the dime side you should notice a small line where a dime was inserted into a hollowed out penny. Post a picture somewhere I want to see...

How rare is a 1920 mercury dime with a one cent obverse?

first of all i dont know second, i want to ask this question: How would you know it is a 1920 mercury dime if the obverse was a penny? It sounds like you have a magician's coin made by cutting apart both a dime and a penny, and hollowing out one side of the penny so the dime side snaps into the penny side. It's interesting but has no value to a coin collector.

Two coins equals 11 cents but one is not a penny?

There is only one combination of two coins that will equal 11 cents. That would be one dime and one penny. Since the question limits us by stating that one coin is not a penny, then clearly the OTHER coin *must* be a penny.

How much is a tiny Roosevelt penny worth?

Lincoln is on the penny, Roosevelt is on the dime. It's likely a novelty coin with no value.

What is the name of a USA coin?

Penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, dollar.

What is the value of a Canadian 1994 dime printed as a penny?

The dime couldn't have been printed as a penny. Different productions and not connected during the minting process. Sounds like your coin is a damaged one.

What is the value of a 1964 three pence penny?

There's no such coin. A pre-decimal British penny was a coin worth 1d and a threepence coin was worth 3d. Saying "three pence penny" would be roughly similar to saying "30 cent dime", LOL!If you're referring to a 1964 threepence, please see the Related Question for more information.

What is a synonym for dime penny?


Which is smaller penny or dime?

In value, a penny is smaller. In size, a dime is smaller.

Is a dime on one side and a penny on the other side of same coin real?

It's "real," but it isn't a Mint-manufactured coin. This is a magician's coin made from two legal-tender coins after they were issued for circulation. No. It's manufactured for magicians.

How much does a dime cost to make?

Penny- 2.41 cents Nickel- 11.18 Dime- 5.65 Quarter- 11.14 1$ coin- 18.03 Its absurd considering it cost twice as much to make a penny and a nickel then what they are worth.

What has a greater mass a penny or a dime?

A penny weighs more than a dime. Current US Penny: 2.500 grams Current US Dime: 2.268 grams

How much is a coin that has a copper penny on one side and a silver dime on the other side worth?

11centsThe joke answer is 5.5 cents (half of a cent and half of a dime) but if the dime half is actually silver and not copper-nickel would be worth about $2, IF you could separate the pieces.It's actually a novelty item made by cutting a dime and a penny in half and joining the sides of each. It's very similar to a two-headed or two-tailed magician's coin made using the same techniques.

What fraction of a penny to a dime?

10 pennies in a time so a penny is 1/10 of a dime.

How much is a 1 estados unidos mexicanos coin worth in us currency?

One Mexican peso is worth about a dime in the US, maybe a dime plus a penny or two.

How much is a coin that has a penny on one side and a dime on the other?

It would be worth 5½ cents! (Half of a dime and half of a penny)AnswerFrom a collectible point of view, very little. This is a "trick" coin used in several different magic tricks. It may also be something that someone chose to make on a lark. Some stores and banks will probably not accept it as legal tender.

What's the name of the amraican coin?

There are several American coins. They are the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar.