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Monticello Studio This is the closest I could come: If this isn't what you want, just contact them and they will be happy to help you out. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Where can you find information on the Monticello Studio in Chicago Illinois?
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Not sure if this is the Gerolamy referred to in the question but Louis Arthur Gerolamy (1867,Iowa-1909,Texas) established a portrait studio at 205 West Madison in about 1883. He soon after moved his studio to 591 West Madison (see Chicago City Directory, 1889) and lived in Chicago until about 1898. He later set up studios in Denver and his home town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A biography and picture of Louis can be found in "History of Linn County: From its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time": Vol.II, The Pioneer Printing Company Co., Chicago, 1911 (p 174-177) by Luther Albertus Brewer. Information on his studio in Chicago can be found in "Origin, Growth and Usefulness of The Chicago Board of Trade", Historical Publishig Co., New York, 1885-1886, (p.268). If anyone has pictures of his portraits I would really like to see them. Thank you. Hope the above info is useful.

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