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here it explains the pros and cons of the bats.

hope it helps (; -gab All else being equal, an aluminum or graphite (composite) bat, (in that order) will hit ball much further than wood. A different approach might be to consider what league you will be playing in and purchase an appropriate bat for game play. That is to say, youth leagues typically use aluminum with high drop numbers (length minus weight), high school and college are limited in their drop weights, usually in the -3 area, but still use aluminum. Professional level players use wood. Even though big hits, speaking in terms of physics, come from bat speed (not weight or make up) you will not get the performance you want (on par with other players) if you use a wood bat in a youth an example. Most 'players' (player being defined as a competetive hardballer - 'stud') have both wood and aluminum bats. Wood for cages and certain aspects of training and aluminum for game time. Some extend that further buy having a 'regular' and a big barreled aluminum bat for game play. 'Regular' barrel for higher level higher speed pitchers and big barrel (bigger barrel, more weight at the sweet spot) for lesser pitchers to send the ball farther. I could talk and explain this all day, but you get the idea.

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