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Fishing in Vermillion with a Super Rod.


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many actually like lugia and lanturn

Starting at level 27 into Lanturn

in Pokemon soul silver you will find it (it is not in the grass)

Ditto is found at Routes 34 , 35 and 47 in Pokemon soul silver

You can not. There is no possible way of getting a Deoxy's in Pokemon Soul Silver.

you can't get skorupi on Pokemon silver, but in soul silver he is in the safari zone

Only on heart gold.not soul silver but i don't have one!

You can only find Groudon in Pokemon Soulsilver. You find Kyogre in heartgold.You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Soul Silver.You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Soul Silver.

No but you can Transfer Pokemon from Soul-Silver to Pokemon Black.

You can only find Ledyba in Pokemon Silver and Soul Silver version.

You can't u can in Pokemon Soul Silver

You don't you have to use an Hm on a Pokemon

inside mount silver u will find moltrase

meganium, crobat, gomel, lanturn and heracross. hope this helped

you can only find shadow Pokemon in Pokemon xd

you have to find it in viridian forest

Go to Mt.Mortar and find it there.

You get it from a Pokemon Event that has ended.

at mount silver but you must beat kanto before going there

You can find one on Cinnabar Island.

Route 5,6,24,25,31,32,44 is where you find bellsprout

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