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Charlotte Russe - Charlotte Russe sells dressy and casual junior clothing including tops, pants, dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, and sleepwear.

Fashion Bug - Fashion Bug offers a selection of junior clothes including tops, tanks, tees, hoodies, sweaters, and sweatshirts. They also carry junior sized pants, carpis, shorts, jeans, jackets, skirts, active wear, swimwear, and more.

Goody's - Goody's carries junior clothing by many popular designers including Bongo, l.e.i., Levi's, and Mudd.

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Where can you find jeans that are cute and long enough because i have long legs but not too pricy?

tk-max have some gorgeous jeans that aren't pricey and they come in all different waist sizes and leg sizes so you will be able to find something.

What brand of maternity denim jeans comes in short, regular, and long sizes?

Old Navy brand maternity jeans offer short,regular and long varieties.

How can you find extra-slim jeans for a boy who has long legs and a small waist?

In the UK British Home Stores sell teen jeans for skinny waists and long legs. Google British Home Stores Size Guide for sizes but they are in centimetres!

What are the sizes and prices of Diesel Jeans?

When you consider buying jeans, it is always good to find long lasting, classic jeans that will always stay in style. Diesel makes great jeans that are top notch quality, though it comes with a price. Expect to pay at least $79 for a pair, though they have a wide size range.

Are Levi's or L.L. Bean jeans better for women with very long legs?

L.L. Bean offers jeans that are designed especially for women with long legs - their "long" line includes those of us who can't seem to find jeans for our tall bodies!

How long is the movie junior?

The movie Junior is 109 minutes long.

What jeans make your legs look longer?

Jeans that are a little too long for you make your legs look longer. Don't over do it though. I find that long dark jeans help, with flats. Try a nice heel with dark skinny jeans and your legs will go on for days. Don't wear capris, they can make you look shorter, and try to stay away from wearing skinny jeans and flats. (although they are extremley skinny gilrs)

Where do guys get jeans long enough to roll up the cuff?

ross , & old navy(long) & everywhere you buy jeans from .

How long should you wear your jeans male?

24 hours. And then switch to jeans after 24 hours.

How long does it take jeans to decompose?

jeans decompose within months

Are skinny Jeans the new fashion?

skinny jeans are popular now, but have been around a long time. i've attached a blog about skinny jeans

Is it ok to wear jeans without underwear?

Yes as long as your parts don't suck the in fly's of your jeans

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How long does the Junior Iditarod last?


What gaia shop do you get the skinny jeans from?

Skinny Jeans used to be available in the Virtual Hollywood a long time ago but are no longer sold anymore. Even though it says they are available for only 5 gold each, the only way you can purchase Skinny Jeans are from the Marketplace, where you can find them for approximately 40,000 gold.

How long is the average carving fork?

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How do you stretch jeans?

I use maybe a long ruler or a long book or something long to stretch it across the waist. Just button up and zip your jeans (Don't wear them while you do this) then insert those things in the jeans for about a day or two then they will stretch about an inch or maybe more.

If you have long legs and long torso how can you look shorter?

wear boots and/or jeans

Are dresses over skinny jeans stiil 'in'?

a short flowing dress/long top is still 'in' over skinny jeans :)

What is the length of a basketball court in Junior High?

The length of a Junior High basketball court is 74 feet long .

How long is the junior great north run?


Can you wash black jeans with blue denim jeans together?

You can do that as long as your blue jeans are in the dark finish, if the both bleed they would help each other keep their dark colors, and remember not to wash your jeans often and if you do, wash them inside out.

What are sizes of human arteries?

25 in long

How long is a opossum?

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Do you have good genes for wearing good jeans?

no 'cause genes are your bodies make up and jeans are a long pant clothing articles.