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Poems with Multiple MeaningsFew, if any pieces of poetry have one, singular, 'correct' interpretation. In fact, it would be something of a find if there were such a thing. Even a single stanza, or even a single LINE of a single poem can be impossible to interpret by one, sole definition. The beauty of art is the endless different ways a single piece can be undertood and appreciated.

You can find a wealth of books subsuming poetry at your book store, local libary or online. You can even find lots of good poetry for free online, merely by typing the names of poems or poets into a search engine. If you are looking for good poets, you might try the following:

  • Pablo Neruda
  • Dylan Thomas
  • Edgar Allen Poe
  • e.e. cummings
  • Ezra Pound
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Robert Frost
  • T.S. Eliot
  • Walt Whitman
  • William Shakespeare
  • Federico Garcia Lorca
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Q: Where can you find poems with more than one meaning?
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Which is an effect of the use of compression in poetry?

It allows poems to carry more meaning than most writing.

Why are poems often more ambiguous than other works?

Poems are often ambiguous because they have both literal and figurative meaning

How many poems did Amy Lowell write?

She wrote more than 650 poems.

Why is a poem more enjoyable than a long book?

A poem is more enjoyable than a long book because a poem has such meaning in a small amount of words. Poems can touch you so deeply, so very quickly.

How many poems of Emily Dickinson were published?

she published more than or nearly 1800 poems.

How many poems has Jack Prelutsky written?

Jack Prelutsky has written more than 50 collections of poetry from 1967 until now. At an average of about 100 poems per collection this equates to more than 5000 poems so far.

Why is it that you fear reading poems more than you fear reading stories?

cause poems are some scary.

More than one poem is called?


What helps you find a deeper meaning of a story?

"Which words and pictures appear more than once?"

What kind of other poems are there besides love and friendship?

There are many poems, including nature, like oceans, forests, deserts, and prairies, or animals, such as dogs, cats, and horses, or wild animals too, and there are funny poems like Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the garbage out, and there are poems about people and their everyday lives, and there are poems about faith, and there are poems about supernatural occurrences, and astronomy, and food, and vacations, and imaginary creatures, and so much more than that!The world is full of all kinds of inspiration, so much more than you can imagine. Open your eyes to possibilities. It's much, much, much more than Romeo And Juliet. There's only one thing for you to do: think outside of the box. Many poets find that keeping your mind open, you can find ideas everywhere. Have fun and be ready for inspiration! It will come.

13 line poems that Shakespeare has written?

Shakespeare did not write any poems with only 13 lines. He wrote a lot with 14 lines, and some with even more. All of his poems contain more than 13 lines.

How many poems has valerei bloom writen?

More than 50

How do literary terms contribute to a poems meaning?

Literary terms contribute to poem's meaning various ways. Onomatopoeia is used to represent sounds. For example, the pan crashed to the floor sounds better than the pan fell to the floor. Similes are used to compair two un-like things, such as the dog was as still as stone. There are Metaphors, alliterations, puns and many more that contribute to a poems meaning. All of the terms enhance writting and make it more interesting. Without these, writting would be quite boring.

Robert Frost Was he a serious poete?

He had more than 100 poems published.

HOW many poems did Alfred noyes write?

he wrote more than 111

What is suffix meaning more than as in more than?

There are no suffixes meaning exactly more than But, If you are comparing you should use -er

Do alexandrine poems need more than 1 12 syllable line?


How many poems did Walter de la mare write?

more than 1000

Where can you find life poems?

Life poems can be found on many websites on and around the internet. Other than just the internet, they can be found in poem books located in local libraries.

Meaning of More ways than one?

It is used to indicate that a statement has more than one meaning

What is the name for a word with more than one meaning?

If a word has more than one meaning, it is 'Ambiguous'.

What woman is a famous poet who wrote more than 1700 poems?

Emily Dickinson i beleive

What are the benefits of installing the Haiku operating system?

None, you get more poems than air conditoning!

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is there more than one meaning for the word misunderstanding

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