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The Professional School of Business in Millburn, New Jersey.

You can contact Kovats School for more information.

Listing of all approved schools for Pre-licensing and Continuing Education in NJ may be found at the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance Site:

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Q: Where can you find schools in New Jersey that offer training in Title Insurance?
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Who regulates the title insurance industry in New Jersey?

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance

Where are title insurance schools in south Florida?

Continuing Education courses for Florida Title Insurance Agents are available online at

Must a senior title officer for a title agency have a title insurance license in New Jersey?

Yes. All title officers need a license in NJ

Where to get insurance on a salvage title car in new jersey?

Any agent should be able to help you.

Is there a school in New Jersey that offers Title Insurance licensing courses?

The Professional School of Business does,

Title insurance schools in NJ?

The Atlantic School of Insurance is an Insurance School in NJ that offers Title Insurance as well as Pre-licensing and continuing education for Life and Health, Property and Casualty, Series 6, Series 7, Series 63 and Bailbonds.

What is a title insurance producer?

Generally speaking, a title insurance producer is the same as a title insurance agent.

How do you become a title insurance agent in New Jersey?

Visit the New Jersey Department of Insurance and Banking website. There is a listing of qualified schools there. The State of New Jersey requires that you take a 20 hour course plus pass the licensing exam. Highly recommend that a longer (40-60 hour) course be taken instead. Typical cost for the classes range from $300.00 to $800.00 including cost of text book, depending on the school.

Who are the largest Title Insurance companies in the US?

First American Title Insurance Company Fidelity National Financial Stewart Title Insurance Guaranty Old Republic Title Insurance Company North American Title Insurance Company Chicago Title Insurance Company

Do title insurance companies employ title examiners?

Title examiners are typically employed by title insurance companies

Are there any schools in New York City that offer a course in title insurance?

New York is an unlicensed state. You are not required to have any type of title license, therefore, I don't know of any NY title insurance schools. You do have to take a NY Notary course and pass it in order to be a Notary Public. New York has very specific practices, so it is advisable to work directly with an experienced agency to get your "on the job" training. If you are already experienced with title insurance in another state, the basics of title insurance apply in NY. You can take online courses that are an intro to title insurance, but in reviewing most of them, they are general overviews of Title 101 and aren't going to be very useful in the every day, practical use of doing title insurance. You can always come over to NJ and take our title producer's course in order to learn rules of agency, basic title knowledge, etc. The producers's course is general and NJ specific. The best school I know of here is Kovat's Professional School of Real Estate. Kovat wrote the course book and teaches it. You can find the school info under

What does the term title insurance mean?

The term title insurance means insurance that covers the loss of an interest in a property due to legal defects and that is required if the property is under mortgage. Most title insurance is lender's title insurance.

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