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I have a NYS certified security guard training school in Nassau County. We provide the training required to obtain the NYS Security Guard License. Call (917) 841-8009 with any questions.

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Q: Where can you find security guard training on Long Island?
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How long does the training take to be a security guard?

Becoming a security guard is more paperwork and good behavior than learning anything. There is no requirements or experience needed. You pay your fee to the clerk of courts and the judge decides weather you go on or not.

How long does a person have to train in security to be come security guard?

The amount of training hours needed to become a security guard are forty hours. You need eight hours prior to you job. Then sixteen the first thirty days, and then sixteen more the next six months.

How long does it take to train as a security guard?

In New York state you must be trained at a security training school and registered as a security guard before you can get a job. Initially the time investment includes an 8 hour pre-assignment training course before you can apply for your registration card. Then you must do a 16 hour on the job training course within the first 90 days of becoming employed as a security guard. Finally, you must complete an 8 hour in-service training course every year after.

How long is basic training for Illinois National Guard?

Basic Training for Illinois National Guard is 9 weeks.

Security Training?

Security training could be two things. There is training that teaches security at the workplace by learning ways to prevent hacking into company databases and other IT problems that lead to security breaches. This training can be accomplished at an IT school and this type of school concentrates on computer and network security. The future employee should be comfortable and familiar with all of the technology that is required to program company computers. The other security training that most will think of when mentioning security, is the training to become a security guard. Anyone wishing to become a security officer needs to have a clean criminal background. Depending on which state the training is being done, there are different regulations necessary for mandated security trainiing. In most states, a security guard needs to have registration, then training before he or she can obtain a license to become a security guard. Some of the security training will include a pre-assignment training course that could last several hours. Then the guard will get on-the-job training for several more hours depending on where he is employed. The firearms training should be completed at least one year before an application to become a special armed guard can be obtained. Security training is something that needs to be done periodically throughout the career. There are always new regulations, different firearms, and different laws that need to be learned to keep up with the latest in security. To just get started, there are respected schools and degree programs that can offer different levels of security training. There are even programs that can be taken entirely online to make it convenient for those who already have a job elsewhere. Whichever security training school is chosen, that school or academy should be accredited. Programs could be as short as six months or as long as two years. This depends on what type of security position is desired. Most graduates will then find employment at a security company that provides security to those who will hire them to guard an office building, sports facility and many other locations.

How long does security training take?

There are a variety of options when it comes to security training. An course in security training can be completed completely online in the course of one semester.

How do you examine the video in the museum on Counterfeit Island?

The video is too long to check completely. Get the timecard from the security guard (he is in the Clown Store) and go back to the Security Room to check the specific time.

security training: A New Career?

Do you want to become a security guard? There are plenty of full and part-time job vacancies available, in corporations, commercial and retail residences, airports, and industries around the country. It was in 1992 that The Security Guard Act of 1992 was passed to train and license security guards, and to license private security training schools.Private security training in New YorkState, for example is administered by the Division of Criminal Justice Services and Office of Public Safety.New York's Division of Licensing Services has the responsibility of licensing and registeringall security guards and private security training schools.If you want to become a security guard, there are three tests you must pass in the stages of your security guard career.1. The first is the Eight Hour Pre-Assignment Training course. This is an introductory course where you learn all the basics of being a successful guard. Upon completing and passing the couse, you receive a training certificate. This certificate must accompany the registration application that you send to the Department of State. Once the application is submitted, you have 90 days to complete the second training course. This course costs $55.00.2. The secondcourse whichcosts $100.00 is the 16 Hour On-the-Job Training course (OJT). This training delves further into a security guard's duties, worksite responsibilites andemployer needs . Schools can conduct this training in an approved classroom setting or work site, as long as it iswell-lit, quiet, and in an environment suitable for learnng.3. The third course is the Eight Hour Annual In-service course, and costs $55.00. This training must be completed annually after the 16 Hour OJT course.Essentially a refresher course, it covers current training trends, and updates guards on changes in the security field. This course must be completed as a prerequisite if the guard wants to renew his or her guard registration.Many firms around the country offer security training to corporations as a service to train their staff as guards. These companies will work around staff schedules so daily business is not disrupted. They can customize lesson plans, develop specialized courses, and conduct on-site training. Many offer corporate discounts, and provide license applications for convenience.

How long do security guard classes take?

The length of your trining will be determined by rather you plan to be an armed or unarmed guard.

How can an person with a long history of Security work get a license as a armed security gurad?

I'm not sure where you're posting from, but in California, you must possess a valid CA Guard Card. You can then take your Firearms Training Course from a certified security training facility. I took mine through Security Six in San Leandro, but there are training facilities throughout the state. You can look up BSIS-approved training instructors on their website, www(dot)bsis(dot)ca(dot)gov. Hope that helps.

Where can I find security guard jobs in Long Beach, CA?

There are several online job search engines that offer listings of security guard jobs in Long Beach, CA. One of these is Several major security guard companies, such as Wackenhut, routinely advertise for jobs online. Try searching listings at or

Where is there a dog training class in or near Long Island, NY?

Mutt Manners is a well-known dog training facility in Long Island: Hopefully this is what you were looking for.

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