Best Answer Under Single Action Revolvers in the left hand column I clicked on the very last entry in that column as a reference point. Single Action Army, Buntline & New Frontier SAA (Post-War) Year Serial Number 1956 1 1957 8800SA 1958 18500SA 1959 23400SA 1960 28500SA 1961 33600SA 1962 35650SA 1963 37300SA 1964 38500SA 1965 40000SA 1966 41500SA 1967 43800SA 1968 46300SA 1969 49000SA 1970 52600SA 1971 59400SA 1972 61700SA 1973 64400SA 1974 69400SA 1975 70500SA 1976 73201SA 1977 82200SA 1978 90500SA-99999SA After number 99999SA numbers started at SA01001 This is the address of the original home page that the above was linked from originally -

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Q: Where can you find serial numbers for Colt SAA 3rd generation pistols past 1978?
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Where can you find serial numbers for Colt SAA pistols pre 1978?

Blue Book of Gun Values.

Where can you find serial numbers for Colt 1911 38super pistols past 1978?

By calling or writing to Colt Mfg. Co,. in Hrtfd,CT

1978 38 special colt cobra serial numbers?

Based on the 1977 colt cobras shows serial numbers 60001R - 71400R & 1978 as just 63401R????????

Where can Ifind serial numbers for colt second and third generation sheriff's model's?

Blue Book of Gun Values. 2nd Generation Models were produced from 1956-1978 with serial number range of 0001SA-73000SA 3rd Generation Models were began in1978 with serial number range of 80,000SA-99,999SA IN 1978. at this point the "SA" suffix changed to a prefix beginning with SA01001- SA99,999 during 1993, and began over, this time separating the letters "SA, and starting with S02001A.

What is the age of a Colt Detective Special Serial S360?

Your serial number doesn't have enough numbers. The starting serial number in 1978 was S01001.

What year was a colt single action revolver made with serial number SA21367?

The list I have only goes to up to 1978 ending with 99999SA. After 1978 the serial numbers started with SA01001.So a few years after 1978.

When did the Sex Pistols start?

The Sex Pistols formed in 1975, and broke up on January 14, 1978.

What is the year of manufacture of a Colt Lightweight Commander MkIV Series 80 serial FL015XX?

You will have to call Colt. Published serial numbers stop at 1978

When did the sex pistols break up?

January 17, 1978.

What is the year glenfield model 30a serial number 22025915 made?

Subtract the first 2 numbers from 100 = 1978.

What was the serial number run on titan 25 automatic pistols from June 1978 to march 1979?

Sorry- no known public SN database on these guns, and the firm went bankrupt and closed about 27 years ago.

Where can you find a list of Colt serial numbers?

There's a little blue pocket-sized book, "Colts Date of Manufacture: 1837-1978" by R.L. Wilson that has serial numbers listed by model and date. Very handy. The information in the book shows up on the Web now and then, just google "colt serial numbers," and see what you find.

What year did generation X start?

Generation x goes from 1963-1978

What is the age of a 38 caliber Colt Detective Special serial S41101?

The Colt serial number guide on the internet says Colt Detective Specials with serial numbers starting with"S", started in 1978. It should have a shrouded extractor rod.

What is the age of a Colt Detective Special serial number S360XX?

Sometime after 1978.The list I have only goes to 1978. Serial # with S prefix started in 1978 with S01001

How old gun colt police positive 38 serial number 83987R?

The Colt police positive special serial numbers I have end in 1978 with 59999R so I would have to say a couple of years after that.

What year is a Colt Trooper Mk III serial 58429L?

Best I can say is sometime after 1978. In 1978 serial #'s started with 1001L.

Date of Smith Wesson Model 27-2 Serial 435578?

The 1996 Edition of the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson by Krause Publications lists the serial numbers between N430001-N550000 for the year 1978.

Browning serial novalues12546rp152?

Made in 1978

How old is a Winchester serial G1367537?


How old is 70HP Mercury outboard serial number 4979429?

according to my source 70hp motors with numbers 4825249-5128279 were made in 1978 and is a "merc 700"

Could someone help me find some information on a colt police positive 38 special ctg the numbers are 25518r it looks to have an f under the numbers?

Based on the serial # , it was produced in 1978. The funder the numbers could be the proof mark.

What year is this gun made Stevens 20 gauge model 9478 serial number D582811?

Your stevens model 9478 shotgun was made during the years 1978-1985.while serial numbers were on the shotguns I do not believe that serial number records were kept as to the year of production.

What year colt detective special guns had serial numbers beginning in P?

Sorry the records I have only go up to 1978 and there is no serial number for a colt detective special beginning with the letter P up until that time.

What year was colt ar-15 serial number sp98281 manufactured?

About 1978 or 1979 serial number sp83400 was the end production number for 1978............