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It can be found to the east of the westernmost oasis on Amber Sands Isle.

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Q: Where can you find the Jade Horse on Amber Sands Isle?
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Where is the Glacier Isle Jade Horse for the Legend of the Jade Horses quest on horseisle two?

it is on white isle

Where is the jade horse on narrow isle?

it is on dumbbell isle the dock man will not give you the sheet but he will tell you the directions

Where is the Narrowed Isle Jade Horse on horseisle 2?

The isle is Dumbell isle and the jade horse is located on the lower, southern part of the isle. Look for a green apple tree and then go northwest till you get to the shore. Dig between two palm trees that are close together. -EliteTellingCat :)

Where is the prairie isle jade horse?

Next to three iron boulders! Hope it helped! :)

Where can you find a jade horse on forgotten isle?

You can find the Jade horse just East of the graveyard on the east side of the isle in front of a dead...plant/bush/tree next to a huge dead tree that has cobwebs attached to the graveyard wall.

Where is the jade horse on bog isle?

to the right of the northernmost swamp pond thing, closest to the boathouse.

Where is the Prairie Isle Jade Horse for the Legend of the Jade Horses quest on horseisle two?

next to three iron bolders south of froli village

Where is the jade horse located on Bog Isle?

At the northernmost tip of the green part of this isle, right next to the beach. It can be found next to the white flowers in that spot.

What is the difference between amber and jade?

Amber is fossilized tree resin. Jade is stone .

How do you start Jade Maki's quest on HorseIsle?

For the quest "Jade's Gift," you will need 44 gold ores, a ruby, a sapphire, a diamond, an emerald, and $2,400. You may craft the necklaces on Cat Isle. Talk to Jade. Craft and deliver the first two necklaces. Nadine is in Earton on Horse Isle. Krista is on Cat Isle. Talk to Jade again. Craft and deliver the second two necklaces. Viola is on Berg Isle. Ethel is at the Food Store in Hotton on Desert Isle. Return to Jade.

Where is the windy pines isle jade horse?

it is on the east side of isle at top in the grass right infront of a palm tree if you find the east rock pile in the woods go north from that

Where is the jade horse of White isle on HorseIsle 2?

Go Northeast till you get to a little space surrounded by ice blocks. It seem pretty close to the shore on the mini-map. Dig around in this little space till you find the jade horse.