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Where can you find the names of old time wrestling referees?

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'Obsessed With Wrestling' is a good place to look for that sort of thing, or even Wikipedia itself.

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Are English premiership referees full-time?

Yes, English FA referees are full time. And the top ones who do European matches and internationals are paid handsomely.

What happens when volleyball referees disagree on a call?

The games stops for a short time and the referees go to talk about the call and agree on who's right and who's wrong.

How many referees are on the field in soccer in Mexico?

One referee 2 assistant referees and in senior league games a 4th official who monitors subs and time management

How many referees are there at an official FIFA World Cup Game?

There are four referees in an official FIFA world cup game. There is the main referee on the field with the players. There are the two linesmen (or assistant referees). Then there is the fourth refereee, who keeps track of time, substitutions and so on.

How many referees in world cup game?

There are four referees for each game, the main referee the two linesmen and the fourth referee who shows the time and change in number of the player.

What are the names of the men in the bataan death march?

There were thousands and it would take a long time to find out their names.

What time does WWE wrestling comes?

Where you live at depends on what time WWE wrestling will come on. You can check your local listings for the times.

How man referees in soccer?

There are four referees for a game of football, two linesmen, one main referee and the 4th referee to show the time and to replace the referee if he falls sick ,like a catch in the leg.

What do nfl referees do when not in football season?

Cash bribe checks and stare at the sun for hours at a time

How has Japanese sumo wrestling changed over time?

the costumes and culture has changed from sumo wrestling

Who is the biggest superstar in wrestling?

The biggest super star of all time in wrestling is Hulk Hogan.

What is the current status of undertaker in wrestling?

Active because he is wrestling at this current time as of September 2010.

Will maryse join TNA?

she says she wont join tna... she wanted to leave wwe for along time... she wont be wrestling no time soon No she will not be joing TNA and she has said she is done with Wrestling and will not be wrestling again.

What year did professional wrestling start?

Wrestling goes back eons before time. The first actual scripted professional wrestling started in the 1920s.

Why did Gangrel leave wrestling?

Gangrel's contract was up and he made the choice to resign. And, he has not left wrestling he is still wrestling full time in Territory League

Where i can find a wrestling school in London?

The only full-time professional wrestling school in London is Progress Strong-Style Professional Wrestling school. It is run by West End musical star and actor, Glen Joseph, events promoter Jon Briley, and TV presenter Jim Smallman.

Who made wrestling?

Greeks were the first to sport wrestling, they used to have a lot of sports in the honor of Zeus (king of gods) in Greek Mythology. Wrestling was considered as the toughest of there time

Why the undertaker is not wrestling any more?

The undertaker is wrestling but he just has a reduced schedule instead of a full time one.

What time does wrestling start tounight?


What is a good rap wrestling theme?

The Time Is Now

Does Victoria in wrestling have kids?

No she doesn't have kids at this time

What is the best underwear for wrestling?

a strong stretchy and flexible underwear i advise you do not try wrestling unless you have trained for a long time.

What prominent changes in referees notes have been made during a match?

Referees' notes have changed very little in modern times. A referee's notebook contains a list of goals scored, substitutions made, cards shown, and sometimes severe injuries suffered. The notebook also usually lists the date, time, and venue of the match, names of the other officials, and similar auxiliary information needed to complete the match report after the game.

How many players and referees in basketball?

five players per team allowed on the court at one time and two ref.s

Is Matt hardy out of rehab?

Yes, Matt Hardy is out of Rehab. He is currently wrestling with the Ring of Honor (ROH) wrestling promotion in the USA. He is best known for his time in the WWE and TNA Wrestling.