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Use the link in the "More Information" box to the right entitled "List of 2006 Winter Olympic athletes by country"

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Q: Where can you find the number of athletes and teams per country as listed on TV during the opening ceremonies?
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Which country will be last to enter the Parade of Athletes during the Beijing Opening Ceremony?

The athletes from China will be the last to enter during the opening ceremonies. Olympic protocol dictates that the host country's athletes enter last at the opening ceremony.

What happens at the opening ceremony at the Olympics?

During the Olympic Games opening ceremonies, an artistic program is designed by the hosting country to display the history and culture of their home. In addition, the Parade of Nations takes place, in which the athletes march into the stadium to represent their country.

What happens during the opening ceremony?

The opening ceremonies signify the official start to each Olympic Games. An artistic program is designed by each hosting country to perform as an exhibition. In addition, the Parade of Nations takes place, in which the athletes march into the stadium to represent their country.

How many Americans went to china for Olympics?

According to the on-screen information during the opening ceremonies/parade of nations, there are 647 US athletes in Beijing.

What nation appears first in the opening ceremony at the Olympics?

Traditionally, Greece is the first country to appear first during the opening ceremonies. This is to honor that country as the founders of the Olympic games.

Which country always enters first during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics?

Greece has entered first since the beginning of the Olympics.

What is the criteria for being the last team to walk out during opening ceremonies at the Olympics?

The team from the country hosting the games marches in last.

On the first day who carried the Canadian flag during the opening ceremonies?

I'm assuming this is in the 2010 Olympic games, in which case Clara Hughes carried the Canadian Flag during the opening ceremonies.

What happens at the opening ceremonies at the Olympics?

The host country shares its culture. then all the atheletes parade around during the ceremonys. then the torch is lit

Who goes first and last in the summer Olympics opening parade?

Greece enters the stadium during opening ceremonies first in respect to the Olympics beginning there and the host country enters last.

Which country always marches out first in the olympic opening ceremony?

Greece always leads the ceremony, the host country is always last. Since the Olympics began in Greece they are given the honor of being the first to walk during the opening ceremonies.

During the opening ceremonies at the Sydney Olympics what team entered the stadium first?


Why Greece always enters first during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics?

During the Opening Ceremonies of the olympics; the athletes from Greece enter first, in honor of the original Olympics held in Greece. Then the other athletes follow by nation in alphabetical order (except for the Beijing 2008 Games where it was based on the number of characters in the country's name). The host country's athletes always come last. After the games are announced as "officially open", this is followed by the raising of the Olympic Flag. The torch ceremony then begins. The running of the torch usually begins weeks before the Olympic ceremony, transporting the Olympic torch to each country that lies between Greece and the host country. The most exciting moment of the Olympic Opening Ceremony is when the torch enters the stadium and is lights the Olympic Flame. The Flame is always kept burning until the end of the Olympic Games. For more history of the Olympic Games :

Who marches last in the opening ceremony in Olympics?

The host country's team marches in last during the Opening Ceremony's Athletes' Parade.

When did the olympic tradition of having all athletes enter together during the closing ceremonies begin?

1956 in Melbourne, Australia.

What country walks in first during the closing ceremonies at the Olympics?


What ceremonies take place during the Olympics?

The opening ceremony starts the Games and the closing ceremony ends the Games. The medal presentations could also be considered a ceremony albeit to a much small extent as the opening and closing ceremonies.

Where does the host nation enter the opening ceremonies during the Parade of Nations first or last?

The host countries enters first.

Who was the snowboarder during the 2010 olympic opening ceremonies?

NBC feature American snowboarder Shaun White many times during the 2010 Olympic broadcast.

When did athletes march into the stadium during the opening ceremony for the first time?

1896 when the first modern Olympics were held.

Who held the national flag of India during 2008 Olympic games?

Shooter Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore carried the flag at the Opening Ceremonies and boxer Vijender Singh carried the flag at the Closing Ceremonies.

Was Kd Lang participating in Calgary Olympics opening ceremony in 1988?

Yes, she sang during the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.

What is the function and use of the Olympic rings symbolize?

is to show the unity among the the five continent which are the member by representing the flag of each country also it the ring can help during the opening and closing the ceremonies of olympic but also for identification of the competation

How many athletes per country top five?

During the 2012 summer games.... 5) Germany.... 407 athletes 4) Australia.... 410 athletes 3) Russia.... 432 athletes 2) United States of America.... 539 athletes 1) Great Britain.... 542 athletes

Which country leads during the march past in Olympic opening ceremony?