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Where can you find the value of old coins?

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Coin answerYour first solution can be to buy a book on coins. The second option would to find a coin shop nearby and ask a collector. If the coins are ancient, or from thousands of years ago, their is the option if visiting a curator or finding one through the internet and sending pictures. The best would be to start with research. See the links below where you may find the value of the coin(s) you have.
2012-03-07 21:46:39
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Q: Where can you find the value of old coins?
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Where can you go to find the value of money?

Google, or a book made especially about old coins.

Where do you find the value of some old coins?

It depends on what type of coins you have. If the coins are collectible coins, that is, old, high grade, and desirable, the best place to find the value of them is in the Red Book coin guide or take it in for an estimate by a coin dealer. On the other hand, if what you have are low-grade, common coins primarily for their bullion value, I will include Coinflation which is a website that shows the precious metal content of pre-1965 US coinage and Canadian coins in the related links. You might also want to check Ebay for what people are paying for the coins you have. Keep in mind that you should never clean old coins because that destroys the value of them.

Where might one learn the value of old coins?

One can learn about value of old coins on the website Coins About. Most coin value guides give you retail prices; that is, they tell you how much coin dealers are selling the coins for.

Where can you find value of Canadian coins?

value of a 1944 dime

Where do you find old coins?

You can find old coins in many places. You can find them in old houses or other places with a metal detector. You can also goo through your change to search out old coins. Obviously you can also go to your local coin shop where they will have a huge selection of old coins.

How should you clean silver coins?

You shouldn't. Cleaning old coins diminishes their value.

Where are banks which buy old coins?

Banks don't buy old coins, coin dealers will buy old coins, some jewelry stores will buy old coins, banks will take your old coins at face value and then sell them to coin dealers and and make some profit.

Where could I find information about coins and their values?

If you want to find out about the values of coins then there are a couple of things you can do to find out. One way is to visit a store that deals with antiques and old stuff and see if they will value your coins. Another way is to visit one of the following websites "CoinsdotAbout" or "coinstudy" both have information and values on many different coins.

What is coin collecting?

Coin collecting is a old tradition of collecting coins of monetary value (money). Many people collect coins that are old, coins that have meaning (like state themed coins), or coins from different parts of the world. Some people do this as a hobby and some collect coins because it will mean their value or worth is very high.

What is the value of old coins?

There is no one answer to this question. The value depends on the country, denomination, date, and condition.

What is the Value of 1965 South Africa 20c coins?

Value of old 1965 20c english

Do old British coins have any scrap metal value?

Current British coins have no scrap value as such. The Royal Mint ensures that their coins cannot be profited on. Older British coins with a silver or gold content do have a scrap value based on the current value of silver and gold, but in most cases, especially if the coins are in a reasonable condition, they would have a higher collector value.

What is the value of old gold coins?

The value of an old coin depends on the age, the size and the condition. Old gold coins range from $150 for a very small one to 10 or 15 thousand for a rare one in excellent condition.

What is the value of a 1986 bundesrepublik deutschland coin?

How is my old coins worth

Is there any value in old counterfeited coins?

Not really, except for the melt value of whatever metals they contain.

Where is the best place to find old coins?


Can old us coins automatically increase in value?

Generally speaking, old coins are worth more than face value, but by how much depends on factors like denomination, date, mint mark, and condition.

How could someone learn the value of older American gold coins?

Older American gold coins are a great asset to hold. Quantitative Easing may be diminishing the value of the dollar, but gold retains its value. The Coins section of the About website gives indications of values of old gold coins.

Where is the best site to find OLD US COINS?

Ebay, but beware of altered and counterfeit coins there.

Where can I find the value of my silver coins? is the source for it. you can buy or sell all types of coins easily. one can find the values easily and get the payment on the spot.

What is the value of canadinan coins with different faces then the normal coin?

The value of coins comes from how old they are, the condition, and the metal they are made from. Some older coins have different faces because the leaders of countries change over time.

Where do you find books showing value of us coins?

Most Libraries will have such books

Where can one find out the value of their gold coins?

There are many online sites that can estimate the prices of gold coins. If a person wants a rough estimate of the value of the gold in the coin they could find the gold price and weigh the coin.

How do you sell old coins?

You could sell them at a coin store, eBay, or bring them to a coin show. And find out what there worth.

Way to find old coins in change and such?

Look through it.