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Q: Where can you find were a girl only has to remove a piece of clothing when they answer a question wrong?
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Lion vs tiger is piece of writing wrong?

What was the question?

What do you do answer a question wrong on WikiAnswers?

You can contact the category supervisor and inform him/her of the wrong answer. They would be able to remove the answer.

What do you do when WikiAnswers is wrong?

If you know for a fact that an answer to a question is wrong, then you may remove it by clicking 'improve' towards the top right of the answer, and removing the answer you know is wrong.

What is an example sentence for the idiomatic expression 'piece of cake'?

The English exam was a piece of cake.Pasting the wrong answers on the wrong question appears to be a piece of cake.I can handle this, it's a piece of cake, no problem!

Why does everything on WikiAnswers that has nothing to do with clothing have a 'clothing' tag?

Well, obviously everything doesn't have a clothing tag that is non-clothing, but if you are seeing a lot of miscategorized things that are marked clothing, then you should recategorize them by using the "edit categories" link on the question page. If that doesn't show up for you, try flagging the question saying that it is in the wrong category. We love it when people help us categorize questions correctly. :)

What is the wrong answer to this question?

The (wrong) answer is, "This is not the answer to the question."

A customer lodged a lead bullet in a barrel by using the wrong caliber?

Is there a question there? If you are asking what to do, the best thing is probably to have a gunsmith remove it.

How do you answer an already answered question especially if the answer is wrong?

If the answer is wrong, you can simply remove the answer by editing it and write the correct answer. However, if its correct and you wish to add more information, please do not erase the existing answer and just add on below it.

Is it wrong to wear girls clothing when it is all stolen?


Why you do not need to wear special clothing to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun in the earth?

first refall your question is wrong the sun's rays are not harmful.and the second thing that if there will be no sunrays then everybody in this earth will be destroyed.and that's the way good question

If you asked a question and someone got the wrong answer why did they get the wrong answer?

It definitely depends on what the question was and how they attempted to answer it.

What are the major products in India?

i think it is food and clothing sorry if its wrong