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I have an 80 G rifle but no clip. I would be willing to sell the rifle without the clip.

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Q: Where can you get a bolt assembly for a Marlin 80G?
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When was the marlin model 80G produced?

The Marlin model 80G was a promotional model that was made from 1960-1965.

Is it nessary to separate the barell from the receiver to replace the bullet guide spring on a mod 80G marlin 22 bolt action rifle?


What year is a marlin 80G 22 S L LR there are no serial number?

The Marlin model 80G was a promotional model that was made from 1960-1965.

Need to buy marlin 101 bolt assembly?


What size ammunition can a marlin model 80g fire?


Are parts from marlin model 25 compatible with marlin model 925- For example the magazine assembly and the extractor on the bolt?

I do own both, the bolt, safety and stock seem the same but the magazine is definitely NOT the same or interchangeable

What year is the marlin model 80 bolt action 22 from?

The Marlin model 80 was made from 1934 to 1939. Later improvements of the original model 80 such as the 80E, 80C, 80DL & 80G were made all the way up to 1965. There were many sight & stock configurations giving the rifle a different model number suffix.

Will the bolt assembly for a modern 22 caliber Glenfield semi-automatic operate properly in a Marlin Model 49 semi-automatic?

The Model 49 (and the 49DL) used the # 507086 bolt assembly, which is the same as the Marlin/Glenfield Model 60 "old style" bolt. These were manufactured before June 1980 when the Model 60 started using the # 507786 bolt assembly. The good news is that there are only minor differences in the two bolt assemblies basically centered around a beveled cut for the bolt hold-open lever. Simply put, you can use new-style bolts in either Model 49 or pre-1980 Model 60's and they will function. We have plenty of old-style bolt assemblies (507086) on hand.

How do you remove the bolt from marlin 917?

Just pull the trigger as you pull bolt out.

Where can you find a bolt assembly for an 1898 22 caliber Marlin Model 20 rifle?

You might try Gun Parts Corp., or check the Ebay auctions from time to time.

How old is a Marlin Model 980 bolt action?

The marlin model 980 bolt action .22WRM,was made by marlin between 1962-1970.There price range is between 75-135 dollars.

How do you load a Marlin bolt action?

you pull bolt out put bullet in and push bolt back in

What year is the marlin model 80 dl bolt action 22 from?

The marlin model 80dl was made by marlin from 1940-1965.

Where can you fine a bolt for a marlin 22 modelno 15y?

You can find a bolt for the Marlin 22 through many gun catalogs including the Numrich catalog. You might also find the bolt at most gunsmith shops or gun repair businesses.

Where to find marlin 100g bolt?


Where do i find parts for a model 56 marlin?

I have a Marlin Firearms Co. 12 gage, bolt action shotgun.

What is a marlin goose gun worth?

marlin 12 gauge bolt action goose guns sell for about $200 in great condition

Where can an ownwer's manual for a Marlin model 80 22 bolt action rifle be obtained?

Try the Marlin website or eBay.

How do you remove the bolt from an old 22 caliber Marlin Model 81 rifle?

The bolt is removed from a Marlin model 81 by first opening the bolt completely, then while holding the trigger back all the way, continue to pull the bolt the rest of the way back. Sometimes it is necessary to hold the trigger back while re-inserting the bolt.

Where can you find an assembly diagram for the Marlin 120?

you can search for it on google.

Value of marlin model 81 micro-grove barel 22cal bolt action rifle what is it what is value of marlin model81 bolt action micro-groove 22 cal rifle?

150 USD

Is 0.008hg equql to 80g?

0.008hg to 80g

What is the model age and value of an old 22 LR Marlin bolt action rifle that has no serial number or model designation?

This rifle was made by Marlin during 1960-1965 it's value depending on condition is $40-$70. see,M1

What is the value of a 22 Ranger bolt action model 36?

I don't know the value of your .22 Ranger bolt action,but it was made by Marlin for and sold by Ranger.It is the same as the Marlin model 80.All parts will fit

Marlin 22 cal bolt action model 187?

The value of a Marlin Cal bolt action model 187 gun depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is worth between 90.00 and 135.00 as of 2014.